Top Tips On How To Buy Bitcoin Anonymously

Lawmakers, politicians, and financial watchdogs from across the globe are appealing against anonymous Bitcoin purchases.

It makes it challenging to avoid KYC and to keep your Bitcoin purchases anonymous. Crypt enthusiasts still stick to anonymous purchases for enhanced privacy and other reasons.

In this article, let us explore ‘how to buy Bitcoin anonymously?’.

How to Buy Bitcoin Anonymously? A Guide

How to Buy Bitcoin Anonymously

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

You can use a VPN to make anonymous Bitcoin purchases. Using the VPN you can run a full node to stay anonymous in the Bitcoin network.

Through the VPN you can route internet connections via multiple servers. This will make it difficult if someone wants to locate you using an IP address.

A private email

Using a private email account is another way to make anonymous BTC purchases. You can create an email account solely for this purpose.

Do not use your email ID that contains your name and other details. Rather, use a Temporary email account, and after the purchase you can dispose of it.

Use this email ID when you register on Bitcoin exchanges and other platforms and marketplaces to buy Bitcoin.

A secure wallet is a must

To stay anonymous you need to figure out methods not only for buying Bitcoin but also for storing it. If you succeed in anonymously buying the BTC, but if you end up storing it in a non-anonymous platform, then it becomes easy to identify you.

Hence, you need to set up a secure wallet. It can be a hardware wallet or software wallet that has an incognito mode. Also, note that storing your anonymously bought BTC on an exchange itself makes you dependent on the security measures of the platform.

It means that if someone gets past the security measures that the platform has, then it is easy for them to get to your details. 

Do not use  your credit cards and debit cards

Using your credit and debit cards to make the Bitcoin purchase will not contribute towards your wish to stay anonymous. These bank cards contain our details and it becomes easy to track you.

Therefore, we suggest you use cash or a prepaid card. You can also use gift cards to buy Bitcoin. Make sure that your method of payment is not linked to your details and does not leave a window for someone else to track you.

You have to bypass phone verification

If you complete a phone verification, then your mobile number gets registered and there is no difficulty identifying who you are. Therefore, do not proceed with the phone verification. You can opt out of that or skip that.

However, some platforms make it mandatory that you have to undergo a mobile phone verification if you need to open an account and buy Bitcoin.

In such cases, you can use a temporary disposable phone or a virtual phone number. 

Use a different device for your BTC requirements

If you use your mobile phone or your house computer to buy Bitcoin, then it becomes easy to get down to you. These deuces have much of your personal information.

Therefore, you can dedicate a mobile phone or a computer only to satisfy your anonymous BTC purchasing needs.

Prioritize the safety of your keys

You should never share your private keys with anyone else. Let it be family or friends, but when it comes to BTC and crypto sharing is not caring.

The BTC that you store in your secure wallet should be confidential information. You should not even discuss with others about the particular wallet option that you have chosen.

If someone else gets access to your private keys and makes a transaction on the Bitcoin network without following the anonymity methods, then all the details are open on the network and you can neither hide it nor reverse it. 

Be choosy about the browser that you use

Just as you will choose a dedicated system and email ID and bypass mobile phone verification for buying BTC anonymously, you need to be careful about the browser that you use too.

Make sure that the browser has advanced privacy-ensuring methods.

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The Bottom Line

We hope now you know ‘how to buy Bitcoin anonymously?’. If you have any doubts do not hesitate to reach out to us using the below comment box.

Also, the increasing global demands not in favor of anonymous BTC purchases can result in a change of regulations at any time. So, keep an eye out for the updates.

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