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Brian Jung is a crypto prodigy who dropped out of college as a young student but succeeded in climbing the top hills of achievements and excellence. That’s how he can be defined using a one-liner.

However, his life was not all bed of roses and he had to face some serious challenges and he proceeded by tackling all of them.

He is also one of the most followed Youtbres out there, another feather in his cap. Recently his success stories are reaching more and more people.

For the younger generation, he is indeed an inspiration. Here we tell you about his life’s struggles and how he turned that in his favour.

So, don’t spare another minute to start reading this.

Who is Brian Jung?

He is the co-founder of the digital marketing agency Motion Digital LLC.

Currently, he serves as the CEO of Jung Media. Brian Jung runs handles in different social media profiles such as Facebook, Instagram, X, Discord, TikTok, LinkedIn, Reddit and more.

Jung became popular when his YouTube channel hit 1 million subscribers. That was at the end of the year 2021.

However, a less-known fact is that he is also the owner of a Japanese BBQ restaurant in Rockville MD which is the first one in that area.

In addition, he is a noted angel investor in the industry and has investments in more than 20 different start-up companies.

His LinkedIn profile describes him as best known for personal finance and credit cards.

Brian Jung has been featured by major media houses and publications like Bloomberg, Vogue, Forbes, BBC, and CNBC.

You can find him in the Netflix documentary namely ‘Money Explained’ and he has also given a Ted Talk.

What Is Jung Media?

Jung Media was established in 2021 by Brian Jung. It is an independent company in the audiovisual production sector and is headquartered in Gaithersburg, MD.

The focused areas of the company are YouTube content, affiliate marketing, branded integrations, drop shipping, and social media content, crypto, credit cards, investing space and it also offers assistance in building businesses with finance.

The brand partners of Jung Media in various sectors are as follows:

Coinbase, Webull, Moomoo, and in investing, Bilt and MileValue in credit cards, NordVPn, Ledger, Vibe, and Surf Shark in Technology, and Fiverr, Hostinger, Printify, Zendrop, and Tailor Brands in business.

Brian Jung

Brian Jung Networth

As of the latest record, it is estimated that Brian Jung has made a 7-digit annual income.

His YouTube channel currently has more than 1.79 million subscribers and this is noted as his primary source of revenue.

He makes money from his YouTube channels, social media profiles, and from the different sponsorships and collaborations that he does with various collaborators.

Also, Jung is a brilliant crypto trader who has mastered the skill of making money from crypto.

Brian Jung Wife

Brian Jung’s wife is Jessica Shin. She was his longtime girlfriend, and they got married after a relationship that lasted for about ten years.

Early Life

Jung was born in Maryland, United States on the 28th of December in 1997. Brian Jung’s age is 25.

He is a first-generation immigrant in the US as his parents had earlier immigrated to the United States from Seoul Korea.

Later he attended Montgomery College and graduated with an Associate degree in General Science.

Brian’s early life was not all happy and fun as he belonged to a low-income household.

Brain joined college for his further education however, he dropped out of college at 21 as he wanted to be an entrepreneur.

He had created his first-ever YouTube channel in 2011. At that time he uploaded videos of him playing games on that YouTube channel.

A few years later in 2015, he created another YouTube channel, the current one that he is famous for.

After dropping out of college he did some side hustles in gig jobs based on ecommerce and created and made a daily income of around 200 US dollars.

It was in 2018 that he uploaded the first video to his latter YouTube channel. To tell more about him, he has CPR and AED certification from the Montgomery County Police Academy.

Also, during 2015 and 2018 he worked at Access Ability Medcare LLC as a healthcare technician.

Final Thoughts

Brian Jung is an American angel investor, digital influencer, crypto enthusiast & trader, and entrepreneur.

Young people like him are inspiring to the society and he stands out as a motivation for the growing generations.

We wish him all the best in his endeavours and we would like to see more people like him

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