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Blum Crypto

Are you enthusiastic to learn more about a hybrid cryptocurrency exchange based on Telegram that combines the use cases of both centralized exchanges (CEXs) and decentralized exchanges (DEXs) to provide a smooth crypto exchange experience to the users? Here is more about the Blum crypto exchange.

Blum crypto exchange is a new addition to the crypto community based on Telegram. After the sweeping success of Notcoins, Blum Crypto is the next major addition to crypto projects on Telegram. The exchange currently lists a variety of crypto coins from Bitcoin to the newly launched meme coins. The platform has on its list both L1 and L2 tokens based on 30+ chains; Cosmos, Ethereum, Solana, Ton, Binance, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Stacks, Polygon, Tron, and Gnosis are chains available on the Blum crypto platform, to name a few.

What Are The Features Of Blum Crypto?

As mentioned before, Blum integrates the features of DEXs and CEXs; this new entity is all set to overcome the difficulties of transacting individually through either DEXs or centralized exchanges (CEXs). 

The platform has options to initiate futures trading as well as buying and selling of several crypto coins. It solves the difficulty in navigating the interface, typical of DEXs.  

Blum is available in the form of a mobile app as well as a mini app inside the Telegram platform. This solves the need to download a separate app on your mobile device. 

In addition to that, the platform does not hold your currencies on board. Instead, you can make the transactions by connecting any wallet of your choice to the exchange. So, the question of safety being compromised on the exchange is resolved.

The app has a beginner-friendly user interface. Your crypto-earning journey on Blum begins by gathering Blum Points, which is a way of gathering cryptocurrency on the platform without any initial investments. The Blum Points are also important for earning various rewards on the platform. 

Blum has a dedicated community for supporting the activities on the platform. They are called Blumies. Anyone aimed at promoting the cryptocurrency movement and making a mark on the platform can easily join the platform and earn Blum Points to support the various development activities on the platform. 

What Are The Upcoming Features On Blum?

BLUM is an ever-evolving platform with new features added to its portfolio. The users can soon enjoy a variety of daily tasks, challenges, and interactive bot games on the platform. A new drop game is set to be launched on the platform shortly The players of this game can earn significant rewards on the platform in the form of bonuses and coins. 

Upcoming Features on Blum

The Roadmap Of Blum Crypto For 2024

2024 will be a happening year for the Blum platform. The developers have proposed an exclusive road map for the token with many innovative activities aimed at the token’s development. 

The beta launch of the BLUM app and the various initiatives to enhance user engagement have already been completed. The bot has exclusive tutorial videos and blog posts to share knowledge about the platform. The bot also encourages farming initiatives using Blum points and offers various rewards for completing the assigned tasks on the platform. 

The platform has already achieved its targets of 800,000 and 1,000,000 community members. The various steps to enhance security and infrastructure through the support of Binance Labs are underway.

The second quarter of 2024 will see the following activities on the Blum platform. 

  • Launch of drop game
  • Public launch of the platform
  • Self-Custody Wallets
  • Swaps
  • Leaderboards
  • Memepad

In the Q3 of 2024, the MPC wallets for the platform will be launched. Moreover, the Blum apps will be launched on both the Play Store and the App Store. 

The fully functional web platform of the token will be launched in the last quarter of the year. The objective of this revamped web platform is to make a larger number of people aware of this exchange. 

All these innovations will be made after taking into account the user feedback and strategic innovation ideas proposed by the users from time to time. 

Conclusion: How To Farm Blum Points

Anyone on the Blum platform can farm Blum points to engage with the community and earn exclusive offers and rewards. For that, click on the “Farm” button on the platform. You can also earn by referring others to the Blum platform. Moreover, you can earn points by accomplishing various tasks and targets on the platform. 

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