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BlockDAG’s Revamped Dashboard Sparks $1 Price Surge, Outshines Toncoin And ThorChain

By Eric George


Reviewed by: Eric George


BlockDAG's Dashboard

The new dashboard of BlockDAG is getting all the attention that it needs. Following the path of the previous days, BDAG value is still on an accelerating journey.

The new dashboard has indeed contributed to this price surge of the crypto. The crypto has already been able to raise millions of funds in its presale alone.

New Achievements

With the new dashboard, the crypto has surpassed the 1 USD threshold.

The advanced marketing strategies that BlockDAG introduced have played a huge role in adding to its success and winning the attention of global investors.

In the Shibuya Crossing keynote that happened the previous week, the crypto stood out from all its main competitors with the tremendous funds that it raised.

The keynote also introduced BDAG giving a brilliant presentation that amused the audience. The confidence that this crypto project, along with the latest innovation, is imparting a sense of guarantee in the investors.

BlockDAG Roadmap

  • BlockDAG Roadmap May 2024

It was in May that the Wireframe and UI designing of the crypto for development took place.

It continued with two stages of user onboarding, one for development, and one for QA testing, and two stages of presales, again one for development and one for QA testing.

  • BlockDAG Roadmap June 2024

Now, let us look at the future roadmap that the crypto has planned. In June, there are supposed to be two presale stages, two invite and boost modules supposed to be referral modules, a wallet model, and a send / receive module.

Out of the two presales, one is for Mainnet release, while the other is for QA testing. One of the invite and boost modules is for development and the other is for QA testing. Both the wallet module and the send / receive module are for development.

  • BlockDAG Roadmap July 2024

July is supposed to witness another invite and boost module (a referral module), with a wallet module, three send / receive modules, two leaderboards, and a settings section.

The invite and boost module, wallet module, 1 send / receive module, and 1 leaderboard are for QA testing. 1 send/receive module, 1 leaderboard, and 1 setting section is for development and 1 send/receive module is Mainnet release.

  • BlockDAG Roadmap August 2024

Further in August, you can expect another leaderboard, 2 settings sections, and 2 community sections. 1 leaderboard, 1 settings section, and 1 community section is for QA testing 1 settings section, and 1 community section is for development.

  • BlockDAG Roadmap September 2024

Lastly, in September, there will be three community sections, one for development and two for QA testing.

Tonkin and ThorChain Performance

The price surge of BlockDAG has topped it over other cryptos such as Toncoin and Thorchain. BDAG has been able to make a better performance than these two cryptos.


THORChain is presently experiencing market recovery and gaining attention. It has had a bullish trend and demonstrates the potential for a price surge.

However, it needs to maintain its momentum in order to make a remarkable market recovery.


Recently Toncoin reached a value of 7 US dollars causing notable ripples in the crypto community. This price surge has initially resulted in widespread excitement over the industry.

However, there are assumptions that it may not last for a long time. There are hints of an upcoming price drop.

Other events have been taking place in the crypto circles such as the Ondo-Zebec alliance, the Jupiter price surge, and more.

Many other presales and ICOs are live right now and are also about to take place. However, the performance of BlockDAG is overshining all these.

BlockDAG, the layer 1 PoW consensus mechanism capable of causing a revolution in the industry with its Directed Acyclic Graph, is an innovative approach to creating new distributed ledgers.

As of the latest reports, BlockDAG has been able to raise more than 39.3 million US dollars in its presales alone. And it has also distributed 10.5 billion coins.

Let us look briefly at the unique features that the BlockDAG Dashboard has before we wind up this new piece.

BlockDAG’s Dashboard Features

 The dashboard of BDAG displays all the latest news and events. So, you will not be missing out on anything. You can get a glimpse of the news and events and there will also be options to read it in detail. Another feature that the dashboard has introduced is a leaderboard kind of feature.

With this you will be able to check your rank in the BDAG ecosystem, you can see who is the topper and how much you need to have to reach a certain level.

There is a recent Transaction Preview and a referral screen for you to see the total number of courses that have been made using the referral link that you shared with your family and friends. It has also introduced a new wallet for all the users.

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The Bottom Line

It is certainly evident that the crypto realm is achieving new heights. The recent performance of BlockDAG shows that it may be one journey to experience a boom. One thing’s sure the crypto does have a promising future.

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