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BlockDAG Draws Investors, Retik Finance Drops 30.36%

By Eric George


Reviewed by: Eric George


BlockDAG Draws Investors

The decentralized world seems to be facing multiple events. We can see that one project is rising high and redefining the realm, and another one is facing huge drops.

Yes, there are price predictions but we may not be able to predict the future of each project.

The current situations suggest that if BlockDAG continues to traverse in its present trajectory it may achieve record all-time high prices and new milestones in the coming years.

There is a projected price soaring surpassing 20 US dollars by the end of the year 2027. At the same Retik Finance shows a high price volatility for the future.

The high contrast between these two results in underscoring BlockDAG as the dominant investment option. Because it already has raised 36 M USD in its presales alone with an ROI of 30,000x.

Here we talk about the recent developments taking place in the decentralized realm. Let us see how the times are going to turn out for BlockDAG and Retik Finance.

Is BlockDAG on a success streak?

It seems that with the novel approach in distributed ledger creation, BlockDAG is on the path to achieving new heights

You may have come across the recent keynote that BDAG hosted in the Shibuya Crossing. This keynote played a major role in inviting the attention of global crypto investors.

BlockDAG presented its roadmap in the keynote which was quite ambitious and impressive. The roadmap revealed the aim of the project to achieve a target as high as 600 million US dollars.

However, the roadmap was not the sole thing that garnered global attention; rather it piqued potential investor interest by demonstrating a wide range of blockchain solutions and each one was in compliance with the cutting-edge blockchain technology.

The introduction of their blockchain solutions had a great impact among the cross-border investor circles which in turn helped the project to raise as high as 36 million US dollars in the presale phase itself.

The presale distributed more than 10.1 billion BDAG coins. And this has generated an extra 2.8 million US dollars from selling the token to around 6,474 miners.

Why is Retik Finance falling?

Retik Finance is surely tasting the hardships of market volatility. The DeFi pioneer is struggling to find a steady position.

As of the latest reports its price has been falling down to around 0.6986 US dollars. Conversely, the platform has already been listed on key cryptocurrency exchange platforms such as MEXC, Uniswap, and more.

BlockDAG Draws Investors

In fact, these listings are supposed to drive the prices high, however, that’s not what we are witnessing in the case of Retik Finance. These exchange listings are supposed to increase liquidity and should make it easy for traders.

When it got listed, there was a price hike and Retik Finance achieved its all-time high price of 2.40 US dollars.

However, that trend did not last for long and now witnesses a price plummeting. Currently, it is exhibiting a falling wedge pattern causing caution among its key investors

BlockDAG Launch

Coming back to BlockDAG, there are more factors that played a critical role in the tremendous success of the presale. BDAG presented some advanced marketing strategies which was accompanied by a spectacular presentation. All these helped boost the confidence of the investors and in gaining their trust.

BlockDAG is rushing towards its official launch. There are anticipations that the launch may have an offer of 30,000x ROI post-Mainnet.

Closing Thoughts

These events hint at a huge landscape shift in the crypto realm. BlockDAG being a new and outstanding approach to creating distributed ledgers has always had the attention of a wide group of investors and crypto enthusiasts.

Its presale was able to raise around 36 million US dollars which exceeded all predictions. Contrastingly, Retik Finance, the DeFi leader, had to witness a dip of 30.36% in its value.

One thing to be noted is that Retik Finance does have a wide array of exchange listings, but the current situation is putting the DeFi leader in great struggles to maintain a stable market position.

Meanwhile, BlockDAG seems to be galloping high and reaching farther distances with a tremendous increase in the number of its global investors.

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