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Bitget Token (BGB) Price Prediction 2024-2030: What To Expect?

By Jay Dawson


Reviewed by: Jay Dawson


Bitget Token (BGB) Price Prediction

Bitget is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges out there. When you look at the purchase option of many crypto exchanges you can see Bitget in the top list of exchanges.

Bitget Token (BGB) is the native cryptocurrency of this exchange. You can use this token for transactions, to take part in certain events, and to pay discounted trading fees. The platform also uses the token to earn the most loyal users of the platform.

Here we have made the price prediction of this token. Also, you can read about the purchasing options regarding Bitget tokens (BGB).

Bitget Token (BGB) Price Prediction & Market Cap

The price and market cap details of the crypto at the time of writing this article are as follows:

Bitget Token (BGB) = 1.1 USD

Bitget Token (BGB) Market Cap = 1.64 B USD

Bitget Token (BGB) Diluted Market Cap = 2.34 B USD

Bitget Token (BGB) 24H Volume = 72.35 M USD

Bitget Token (BGB) Vol. / M. Cap Ratio = 0.046

Bitget Token (BGB) Circ. Supply = 1.40 B (70%)

Bitget Token (BGB) Total Supply = 2.00 B

Bitget Token (BGB) Max Supply = 2.00 B

Bitget Token (BGB) Supply Inflation = –

Bitget Token (BGB) Dominance = 0.06%

Bitget Token (BGB) Volatility = 2.81% (Medium)

The all-time high price that the crypto has had is 1.38046 US dollars with an all-time low price record of 0.014496 US dollars. The ATH was recorded on April 11, 2024, and the ATL was recorded on June 25, 2020.

Bitget Token (BGB) Price Prediction

The lowest value that Bitget Token has had since its ATH price is 1.0412 US dollars and the highest value that BGB has had since its ATL is 1.17789 US dollars. Bitget Token (BGB) was launched on the platform of Ethereum.

Currently, the token has a bullish trend in the market with the Fear & Greed Index marking a 74 score, which indicates ‘Greed’.

Bitget Token (BGB) Price Prediction 2024

MonthMaximum PriceMinimum PricePotential ROIAverage Price
May 20241.33 USD1.21 USD9.9%1.26 USD
June 20241.39 USD1.25 USD14.9%1.31 USD
July 20241.45 USD1.30 USD19.8%1.36 USD
August 20241.51 USD1.36 USD24.8%1.42 USD
September 20241.59 USD1.39 USD31.4%1.44 USD
October 20241.66 USD1.43 USD37.2%1.47 USD
November 20241.72 USD1.47 USD42.1%1.52 USD
December 20241.78 USD1.52 USD47.1%1.58 USD
All Time 20241.52 USD1.34 USD25.8%1.40 USD
Most Expected Trading Price 20241.52 USD
Least Expected Trading Price 20241.34 USD
Average Trading Price 20241.40 USD
Potential ROI 202425.8%

Bitget Token (BGB) Price Prediction 2025

MonthMaximum PriceMinimum PricePotential ROIAverage Price
January 20251.86 USD1.57 USD53.5%1.64 USD
February 20251.94 USD1.63 USD59.9%1.69 USD
March 20252.01 USD1.68 USD66.3%1.75 USD
April 20252.09 USD1.74 USD72.7%1.80 USD
May 20252.17 USD1.79 USD79.1%1.86 USD
June 20252.25 USD1.85 USD85.5%1.92 USD
July 20252.32 USD1.90 USD91.9%1.97 USD
August 20252.40 USD1.95 USD98.3%2.03 USD
September 20252.48 USD2.01 USD104.8%2.08 USD
October 20252.56 USD2.06 USD111.2%2.14 USD
November 20252.63 USD2.12 USD117.6%2.19 USD
December 20252.71 USD2.17 USD124%2.25 USD
All Time 20252.28 USD1.87 USD88.7%1.94 USD
Most Expected Trading Price 20252.28 USD
Least Expected Trading Price 20251.87 USD
Average Trading Price 20251.94 USD
Potential ROI 202588.7%

Bitget Token (BGB) Price Prediction 2026

MonthMaximum PriceMinimum PricePotential ROIAverage Price
January 20262.81 USD2.25 USD131.8%2.33 USD
February 20262.90 USD2.33 USD139.7%2.42 USD
March 20263 USD2.42 USD147.5%2.50 USD
April 20263.09 USD2.50 USD155.4%2.58 USD
May 20263.19 USD2.58 USD163.2%2.66 USD
June 20263.28 USD2.66 USD171.1%2.75 USD
July 20263.38 USD2.74 USD178.9%2.83 USD
August 20263.47 USD2.82 USD186.8%2.91 USD
September 20263.57 USD2.91 USD194.6%2.99 USD
October 20263.66 USD2.99 USD202.5%3.08 USD
November 20263.76 USD3.07 USD210.3%3.16 USD
December 20263.85 USD3.15 USD218.2%3.24 USD
All Time 20263.33 USD2.70 USD175%2.79 USD
Most Expected Trading Price 20263.33 USD
Least Expected Trading Price 20262.70 USD
Average Trading Price 20262.79 USD
Potential ROI 2026175%

Bitget Token (BGB) Price Prediction 2027

MonthMaximum PriceMinimum PricePotential ROIAverage Price
January 20273.98 USD3.27 USD228.9%3.37 USD
February 20274.11 USD3.40 USD239.7%3.50 USD
March 20274.24 USD3.52 USD250.4%3.63 USD
April 20274.37 USD3.64 USD261.2%3.76 USD
May 20274.50 USD3.77 USD271.9%3.89 USD
June 20274.63 USD3.89 USD282.6%4.02 USD
July 20274.76 USD4.01 USD293.4%4.14 USD
August 20274.89 USD4.14 USD304.1%4.27 USD
September 20275.02 USD4.26 USD314.9%4.40 USD
October 20275.15 USD4.38 USD325.6%4.53 USD
November 20275.28 USD4.51 USD336.4%4.66 USD
December 20275.41 USD4.63 USD347.1%4.79 USD
All Time 20274.70 USD3.95 USD288%4.08 USD
Most Expected Trading Price 20274.70 USD
Least Expected Trading Price 20273.95 USD
Average Trading Price 20274.08 USD
Potential ROI 2027288%

Bitget Token (BGB) Price Prediction 2028

MonthMaximum PriceMinimum PricePotential ROIAverage Price
January 20285.64 USD4.81 USD366.1%4.98 USD
February 20285.87 USD5 USD385.1%5.16 USD
March 20286.10 USD5.18 USD404.1%5.35 USD
April 20286.33 USD5.37 USD423.1%5.54 USD
May 20286.56 USD5.55 USD442.1%5.72 USD
June 20286.79 USD5.74 USD461.2%5.91 USD
July 20287.02 USD5.92 USD480.2%6.10 USD
August 20287.25 USD6.10 USD499.2%6.28 USD
September 20287.48 USD6.29 USD518.2%6.47 USD
October 20287.71 USD6.47 USD537.2%6.66 USD
November 20287.94 USD6.66 USD556.2%6.84 USD
December 20288.17 USD6.84 USD575.2%7.03 USD
All Time 20286.91 USD5.83 USD470.7%6 USD
Bitget Token (BGB) Price Prediction 2028
Most Expected Trading Price 20286.91 USD
Least Expected Trading Price 20285.83 USD
Average Trading Price 20286 USD
Potential ROI 2028470.7%

Bitget Token (BGB) Price Prediction 2029

MonthMaximum PriceMinimum PricePotential ROIAverage Price
January 20298.47 USD7.10 USD599.7%7.30 USD
February 20298.76 USD7.36 USD624.1%7.58 USD
March 20299.06 USD7.62 USD648.6%7.85 USD
April 20299.35 USD7.88 USD673%8.13 USD
May 20299.65 USD8.14 USD697.5%8.40 USD
June 20299.95 USD8.41 USD721.9%8.68 USD
July 202910.24 USD8.67 USD746.3%8.95 USD
August 202910.54 USD8.93 USD770.8%9.22 USD
September 202910.83 USD9.19 USD795.2%9.50 USD
October 202911.13 USD9.45 USD819.7%9.77 USD
November 202911.42 USD9.71 USD844.1%10.05 USD
December 202911.72 USD9.97 USD868.6%10.32 USD
All Time 202910.09 USD8.54 USD734.1%8.81 USD
Most Expected Trading Price 202910.09 USD
Least Expected Trading Price 20298.54 USD
Average Trading Price 20298.81 USD
Potential ROI 2029734.1%

Bitget Token (BGB) Price Prediction 2030

MonthMaximum PriceMinimum PricePotential ROIAverage Price
January 203012.19 USD10.31 USD907.6%10.67 USD
February 203012.66 USD10.65 USD946.6%11.03 USD
March 203013.14 USD10.99 USD985.5%11.38 USD
April 203013.61 USD11.33 USD1024.5%11.73 USD
May 203014.08 USD11.67 USD1063.5%12.09 USD
June 203014.55 USD12.01 USD1102.5%12.44 USD
July 203015.02 USD12.34 USD1141.5%12.79 USD
August 203015.49 USD12.68 USD1180.4%13.15 USD
September 203015.97 USD13.02 USD1219.4%13.50 USD
October 203016.44 USD13.36 USD1258.4%13.85 USD
November 203016.91 USD13.70 USD1297.4%14.21 USD
December 203017.38 USD14.04 USD1336.4%14.56 USD
All Time 203014.79 USD12.17 USD1122%12.62 USD
Most Expected Trading Price 203014.79 USD
Least Expected Trading Price 203012.17 USD
Average Trading Price 203012.62 USD
Potential ROI 20301122%

Where to buy Bitget Token (BGB)?

Here are some of the top platforms from where you can buy Bitget Token.

  • Bitget 
  • MEXC
  • Indodax
  • Bitfinex
  • Cofinex

Other than the above list, you can also buy the token from the following platforms as well:, Simpleswap, HitBTC, and StealthEX.

How to buy a Bitget Token (BGB)?

Here we tell you the steps that you have to follow in order to purchase Bitget Token (BGB) from Bitget.

  • The first step is creating an account on the cryptocurrency exchange platform
  • You can do this using the official website or the app for the exchange
  • Once you create an account, then you have to get it verified
  • Submit all the needed ID documents and pass the KYC of the platform.
  • Choose how you want to buy BItget Token
  • You can buy it using a credit or debit card, third-party payments, and P2P trading. The other available option not by BGB is through direct bank payment or via your fiat balance in the account
  • Make the payment, confirm the payment, and wait for the confirmation screen.

The Bottom Line

By analyzing the above price predictions and the market cap details of the currency, it seems that it is profitable to invest in Bitget Token currently.

However, before making an investment make sure that you do your own thorough research. Bitet Token shows potential for future growth.

However, note that the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and the native token of a crypto exchange platform owes its success to the performance of the platform. You should be well aware of all the risk factors before you make the investment.

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