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Bitcoin Prices Skyrocket Over 8%, Achieving New 2024 Record

By Eric George


Reviewed by: Eric George


Bitcoin Price Surge

The value of Bitcoin has escalated over 8% and has attained its all-time high price of 2924, so far.

The crypto has successfully achieved higher value than all the previous weeks and experts are already suggesting a much stronger bullish run.

As of the latest reports, the crypto has reached around 66,440.4 in its value. This is the highest price that the crypto has achieved since April 24, 2024.

Bitcoin’s price gain is key news at the moment where other major cryptos such as SOL and NEAR were having value gains that top headlines.

This news piece is about the details of the bitcoin surge, the impacts that it has already created in the market, and the possibilities that it opens up for the crypto and the investors.

You can also read about the events that caused a trigger in the bitcoin price and the subsequent events in the cryptic industry.

Bitcoin Making A Comeback After Prolonged Waits

In the last 24 hours alone, the crypto has ascended more than 8.3% in its price. Before that, Bitcoin was trading at a fair price and was expecting a price gain. However, the prices started to see a gain only in recent days.

The recent reports suggest the current Bitcoin surge was a result of the US inflation.

The inflation favoured the cryptocurrency as it built confidence in potential investors and they now possess a positive attitude towards the Bitcoin investments.

Bitcoin Price Surge

The Role of CPI Inflation In Bitcoin Surge

The price gain was triggered by the latest statistical data released by the US Labor Department.

The report stated that the CPI-U, the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers, rose to 0.3% in March.

It came out as a headline of inflation turning heads and making significant impacts on the way people think and the notions that the investors have.

The previous estimation has hinted at a 0.4% CPI-U. The estimations were based on a poll conducted on the top economists by Wall Street Journal.

Despite the fact that the actual result of the data was less than the poll results, it still managed to make considerable ripples in the investor circles.

Bitcoin Price Surge vs Altcoin Dominance

The reports also suggest that Bitcoin has the potential to target the 84,000 USD level to meet and surpass the altcoins.

The recent news has suggested the altcoin dominance in the market with the altcoins receiving a superiority in the market like never before.

Also, the huge investor head seemed to be turning towards the altcoins. The crypto circles were talking about the possibilities that altcoin has and the price surge of Bitcoin happened between all of that gaining all attention and becoming the center of attraction.

The price surge has increased the trust and confidence in Bitcoin investors persuading them to invest more in the crypto.

If giant investments in Bitcoin take place, then the value of the crypto may shoot up again with an increase in demand.

Expert Views On Bitcoin Price Surge


Crypto analysts from Bitfinex, one of the major cryptocurrency exchanges, stated that investors are considering this bitcoin price surge as a bullish regime shift.

The reason for their view owes to the fact that it marked the first decrease of the CPI inflation over the last three months.

The platform added they were able to arrive at some conclusion when they looked at this event together with the previous announcement by the Federal Reserve.

The announcement has revealed the intention of tapering the balance sheet runoff of the central bank which turned out to be a favour.


The proprietary and crypto-focused algorithmic trading fund Swissblock stated that Bitcoin was making the bigger move and it was the most expected one.

Swissblock added that they have been waiting to see this trigger for the releases of a bigger structure since the highest price surges of March.

It added that they finally received the trigger when the CPI and the retail sales numbers were released.

Their report suggested that the current CPO breakout has really opened the path for Bitcoin to surpass the 69000 USD threshold initially and the potential to grow higher and even achieve record all-time highs.

The target price set in the record was 84,000 US dollars. The report ended by noting that the altcoin trends suggest that they are to strongly follow the path of Bitcoin in the next leg up.

End thoughts

The current price soar of Bitcoin in which the crypto ascended over 8% was a much-awaited one in the crypto realms.

Investors and traders have been waiting for a price surge for the top crypto coin following the Bitcoin Living events, the value gains of other major cryptos, and the increasing altcoin dominance in the market.

We are yet to see the forward runs that Bitcoin is about to make in the market.

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