A Short Bio On Bitcoin Investor Marvin Jones

Marvin Jones is a Bitcoin entrepreneur who is among one of the top individuals who strive to create awareness among the public about cryptocurrency.

People like him are essential in society as they help to break the false beliefs and stereotypes that disconnect the general public from advanced innovations. Jones has been trying to educate people about the significance of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and he is a noted personality.

Here we have compiled details about him. Start reading to know the details of Bitcoin investor Marvin Jones and get a glimpse of his Bitcoin-associated profile and activities.

Bitcoin Investor Marvin Jones: Who is he?

Marvin Jones is a former lawyer turned Bitcoin entrepreneur. Currently, he is a brand ambassador for Betcoin.Social, is a premier social casino that features Gold Coins and PBR sweepstakes coins.

Jones is also the Executive Director of DBD.NET, a California-based venture offering services across many industries. Some of the key services offered by DBD.NET are in areas such as SaaS (Software as a Service), Marketing, IT, Design, Support, and Cryptocurrency.

He is also the Director of Satoshi Centre for the past 7 years. It is a center for Bitcoin, crypto, and blockchain education mentorship, training, and business funding in Africa.

Previously he has worked as the Chief Marketing Officer at Playbetr, Principal at Kronos Capital, and an Investor at Cap Flow Funding LLC.

Looking into the academic background of Marvin Jones, he studied law at The George Washington University Law School. Earlier he studied communications at UCLA.

BTC & Bitcoin Investor Marvin Jones

Jones is a frequent attendee of many BTC summits, conferences, and other global events. He attends related programs and posts insights about the program on his social media platforms.

Marvin Jones tried to throw light on the topic that some people are purposefully making BTC look bad. The crypto slang ‘FUD’ which is an acronym for ‘fear uncertainty and doubt’ is recently getting more associated with crypto.

Jones as a BTC investor wants everyone to have the right information about the cryptocurrency. He does not deny its high volatility and frequent price fluctuations but he is trying to create awareness among different circles by spreading the right information. He appealed to everyone to buy crypto.

Let us read more about what exactly he did

When Marvin Jones tried to educate people on BTC:

Towards the end of 2023, Marvin Jones came up with a video on Bitcoin and FUD. The video was 59 seconds long and in it, he tried to debunk the Bitcoin FUD that spread the crypto was wasting water.

In the video, he said that the latest attack on Bitcoin was that it wastes water and that every BTC transaction uses a swimming pool of water. Some reports stated BTC mining used more water than the entire city of New York in the last year.

He agreed that BTC uses water and did not try to deny it or invalidate the allegations of huge water usage by Bitcoin. Jones highlighted that Bitcoin mining uses water-cooled facilities and hydroelectric power just like data centers.

However, his point was that as the whole internet uses water, there was no need to specifically point out Bitcoin.

Jones also commented that if someone does not like Bitcoin they can stay without being involved in it and there was no need to target the cryptocurrency.

He highlighted that the problem behind the reasoning for the water waste of Bitcoin was that most of the mainstream apps and websites use water. The giants such as TikTok, and YouTube, do use water and their water usage was far more than BTC’s.

He was asking why certain environmentalists were not concerned about the water usage by these giants and why they were solely concerned about BTC’s water usage.

He suggested maybe there was an ulterior motive behind the water usage of BTC by adding that this concern was raised by an employee working for the Dutch Central Bank. And he said there you have it.

Marvin Jones Bitcoin investor, commented that Bitcoin as a decentralized, censorship-resistant, and truly scarce digital currency was needed by 8 billion people.

Water usage is necessary for BTC which he referred to as one of the most important inventions in the history of the world. He ended his video by urging everyone to buy Bitcoin.

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