Big Eyes Crypto Price Prediction And Future Prospects 2024– 2030

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Big Eyes Crypto

Big Eyes Crypto (BIG) is a meme coin built on the Ethereum blockchain platform. As its logo suggests, Big Eyes Crypto is modeled on a cat with big eyes.

It aims to provide a sense of community to its users and create an alternate decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem to which its users can safely transfer their wealth.

The blockchain-based ecosystem of Big Eyes Crypto operates by employing Hyper Growth using Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), which allows it access to a wide variety of content.

BIG is an ERC-20 meme token that can be used to trade in any blockchain-powered platform.

In this article, you will read about Big Eyes Crypto, its features, its working process, and its price prediction for 2024–2030.

You will also be convinced about its prospects as a reliable cryptocurrency investment.

Big Eyes Crypto: What is it?

Big Eyes Crypto

Big Eyes Crypto is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain platform. This meme coin is a fun and easy way to access cryptocurrencies.

It is community-driven, i.e., Big Eyes Crypto nurtures a vibrant community of crypto users with whom you can interact and learn.

BIG has set its roadmap synonymous with the movements of a cat.

  • Stage One – Crouch: In the first stage, Big Eyes Crypto launched its presales on its website. It also launched the BETA version of 819 Casino.
  • Stage Two – Leap: In the Leap stage, the Alpha version of 819 Casino is set to be launched. Big Eyes Crypto also streamlines its marketing efforts to harvest the best possible results.
  • Stage Three – Run: The Run stage will witness an increase in the number of members in the community to 70k. The first exclusive NFT event will be launched at this stage. The third stage will also see more targeted marketing efforts.
  • Stage Four – Catwalk: In the catwalk stage, Big Eyes Crypto will be enlisted on decentralized exchanges (DEX) so that traders can easily identify them and conduct trade.

Big Eyes Crypto: How does it work?

The main principle behind the working of Big Eyes Crypto is the setting up of a community-focused, blockchain-powered trading platform that can be listed on decentralized exchanges.

It works to drive charity to champion the cause of environmental conservation, especially ocean conservation.

Big Eyes allows investors and traders to operate on DeFi platforms. A certain percentage of the token is set aside to be used by DeFi projects.

In the realm of token trade, Big Eyes has plans to sell 70% of the tokens during the presales stage, 20% is set aside to be listed on crypto exchanges, marketing is set to use 5% of the tokens, and the remaining 5% is set aside for charity.

How to buy Big Eyes Crypto Tokens?

This section will tell you how to buy BIG tokens during presales.

  • Download a Big Eyes-approved software wallet such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet. 
  • Add tokens to the crypto wallet by exchanging cryptocurrencies like USDT, ETH, or BNB for Big Eyes tokens.
  • Connect your wallet to the Big Eyes presales event by clicking on the “Connect Wallet” option on the bigeyes. space website.
  • Enter the appropriate amount that you intend to purchase in the designated space.
  • Click on the “confirm” button, and you will receive your tokens on the Big Eyes website.

BIG Eyes Crypto Price Prediction 2024 To 2030: What are its Future Prospects?

Big Eyes Crypto garnered a whopping amount of sales by selling 70% of the 200 billion tokens during the presales event.

The average price prediction of BIG, according to CoinWire, is as follows:

  • 2024 – $0.0000008906
  • 2025 – $0.0000009607
  • 2026 – $0.0000012617
  • 2027 – $0.0000015627
  • 2028 – $0.0000018637
  • 2030 – $0.0000027666

As per the technical analysis conducted by Coincodex, the price prediction of BIG leans towards the bearish side.

Is Big Eyes Crypto considered a Profitable Cryptocurrency Investment?

Given that Big Eyes was a huge success during its presales event and the price prediction for the upcoming years is fairly good, you can choose it as a safe cryptocurrency investment.

However, given the volatile nature of any meme token, Big Eyes Crypto traders should be prepared to tackle any risks that might occur during the sales and should conduct trade only after carefully analyzing the market trends.

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