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Top 10 Best Flash Sites

By Stephen Carter


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Flash websites are websites built using Flash, an Adobe Macromedia technology. When you visit a flash website you need to have an extra plugin that lets you view the site.

However, flash sites are not available anymore. Adobe has officially stopped supporting Flash and it was discontinued towards the end of 2020.

Here we have made a list of bets flash sites that were ever made. Even though Flash sites are not available, it is a technology that has seized millions of people and we want you to know what it was like using a Flash website.

Here we have a tabular list of the top 10 lash sites that are ever excited. This can be used to get a glimpse of the article Go through this list to know the sites that we have included in this article. Before you start reading the details of each of them.

#Top 10 Best Flash Sites
1Clouds Over Cuba
2Bear 71
3Disney New Fantasyland
4Pharrell Williams – Happy
5We Choose The Moon
6Old Spice Music Muscle
8The Museum of Me
10Moodstream | Getty Images

1. Clouds Over Cuba

Cloud over Cuba in best Flash sites

Clouds Over Cuba is a multimedia documentary that is interactive. In this documentary, the Flash technology was used to provide the audience with the experience of the real Cuban Missile Crisis post 50 years of it happening.

It was produced by JFK Library and Brian Willaims is its project co-lead. The technologies used in its making include HTML5 and WebSockets.

This documentary won the Emmy Award for Documentary New Approaches in the News and Documentary category.

The feature of Clouds Over Cuba covers the beginning of the crisis and portrays the iris until its end when the missiles get removed from Cuban land.

2. Bear 71

Bear 71

Bear 71 is a 20-minute web documentary that was released in 2012. It is an interactive doc and was released in Canada by the National Film Board of Canada (NFB).

The story was written by J B MacKinnon and it is narrated by Mia Kirshner. It is about a female bear named ‘Bear 71’ who had a tracking collar implemented on her.

This grizzly bear was watched by the Banff National Park authorities from 2001 to 2009. It involves the bear navigating through wildlife, interacting with humans, and more.

The websites used Flash technology to help the viewers understand the intertwined bending of humans and animals and technology.

3. Disney New Fantasyland

Disney New fantasyland in best Flash sites

The New Fantasyland of Disney is where all the mastic, myth, fantasy, and wildest imagination come true. It is where children meet their favorite characters and adults meet their dream superheroes.

It is a themed land and is a magic kingdom-style park. Disney says this is where you can find the beauty and the beast, the singing mermaids, Rapunzel with her long hair, the dancing cinderellas, the Snow white with 7 dwarfs, and more.

Flash technology was used in the website to blend in these fantasies with the relied. This enables the viewers of the website to just visit the website and to get a virtual experience of having visited the Disney New Fantasyland.

4. Pharrell Williams – Happy

Pharrel Williams Happy in best Flash sites

Happy is a song by Pharrell Williams recorded in 2013 and has a duration of 3 minutes and 55 seconds.

Williams is an American singer, record producer, rapper, and fashion designer. It is an optimistic song projecting positive feelings.

At the core, the song asks you to stop working in general about life and to find happiness in your life. It’s about trying to stay happy despite all the hard times that you have to endure.

Williams used Flash and amalgamated it with his style to create the 24-hour music video, the first of its kind in the world. It stood apart from the traditional videos that could not convey the mood of the songs.

5. We Choose The Moon

We choose the moon in best Flash sites

We Choose The Moon was an interactive creation that commemorated the Apollo 11 mission to the moon. The website was launched in 2009 on the hour of the 40-year anniversary of the Apollo 11 launch.

It also had a four-day long express embedded to it attached with the real details. In this interactive recreation, the Flash technology was used to provide a real feeling to the audience using real-life photos, videos, and audio from the mission.

This meson which took the first man to the moon is considered as a giant leap to the whole of mankind and one of the proudest achievements of the US.

6. Old Spice Music Muscle

Old spicie music muscle in best Flash sites

On this website, you can create music using the muscles of Terry Crews, a former FL player. When you visit the website, you can see Crews sitting shirtless and you can click on his muscles to create music of your own.

Each of the muscles is connected to various musical instruments. It was a fun creation by Old Spice and Terry Crews.

On its launch it had many fans from all over the globe, the people enjoyed doing this. Here Flash is used to amplify the Brand interaction and you could use it to create some funky music.

7. Monoface

Monoface in best Flash sites

Monoface was another one of the top 10 best flash sites that were ever created. This site allowed the users to create a monoface by clicking on the nose, mouth, eyes, head, and more.

When you click on each of these, a monoface will be created. It was actually an ad agency that was Minneapolis-based.

Flash was used by the agency on their website to entertain users who could create monofaces on a potato head. There were a total of 759,375 possibilities out of the potato head.

When it was launched it had a huge follower base. You can ask your parents whether they had fun using this website.

8. The Museum of Me

museum of me

The Museum of Me was by Intel and it let the users create a museum of their own, it was said as a must-try for all Facebook users.

What the website did was collect information about people from their Facebook accounts and see all this information to create a museum for the user.

It may take your photos, videos, audio, and other posts that you reposted on your website and create a museum for you.

This virtual museum may contain your achievements, the funny moments that you had with your friends and family, and all the other details that you have shared on your Facebook accounts.

9. Waterlife

Waterlife in best Flash sites

Waterlife is another interactive documentary that talks about the importance of having access to pure water.

It tells an interactive story of the last great supply of freshwater that is good for drinking; that we have on Earth.

The documentary takes all the viewers on a visually rich tour of the life of the Great Lakes from the Nipigon River to the Atlantic Ocean.

Kevin McMahon was the writer, director, and producer of it. Flash technology added to the visual richness to provide you with a real treat.

The documentary received multiple recognition and awards from various platforms.

10. Moodstream | Getty Images

Moodstream in best Flash sites

Moodstream was launched in Getty Images back in the times. It served as a kind of hypnotic website where you could awaken your creativity and let it wander for free using the multiple creativity tools offered by the website.

It also lets the users take their imagination to the next level and see the visual form of it on their device screen.

Using this website, you could just tweak the sliders to set the mood and use images, audio, and video clips to satisfy your creative thirst. With this one, we are ending our list of the top 10 best flash sites.

Why did Adobe shut down Flash?

At the beginning of the article, you read that Adobe no longer supports Flash and it has been discontinued.

Wondering why? What could be the possible reason as his technology had many fans from all over the world?

The increasing popularity resulted in more and more people using the website. This led to privacy and safety concerns which made Adobe release updates and versions working on the new patches that were discovered.

At a point in the life of the Flash, Adobe decided to discontinue it. However, it does not mean that you can never use these kinds of technologies again. Now you have Adobe Animate which is a must-try.

This article was prepared after collecting information from various authentic and legitimate sources. We asked many people and analyzed the review platforms to know what people really relay about Flash sites.

However, one thing is that Flash sites were really a hit in the times that were active. It lets the users into a world of fun, entertainment, valuable insights, and more.

They could learn new things and experience new worlds using the flash technology embedded in websites.

Do you know any other flash sites that really won thousands of hearts? If yes, please let us know using the below comment box.


We hope you were able to know all about the best flash sites that once dominated the internet.

Flash technology by Adobe did go viral, harnessing a lot of users from all over the world, and various musicians and artists proceeded to use the technology to enhance their websites and to provide the audience with an experience that could not match anything else.

However, Flash is no more available but you can use Adobe Animate.

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