Best Crypto Presale Platform: Your Gateway To Success!

Crypto presale is a crypto event where the tokens are sold through an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) or through other crowdfunding methods. This happens before the coin is made available to the public. This is also referred to as token presale. Here is the list of the best crypto presale platforms. So, get to the list.

Dogecoin20 ($DOGE20)

The Dogecoin 20 project was launched in March 2024. It is a novel and updated meme coin and it offers more than 300,000% staking rewards. This is a staled taken supply and it aims to lock towards the end of the presale. It is done to prevent the volatility that may happen. DOGE$20 is built on the Ethereum blockchain and it has more flexibility. The coin is eco-friendly. 

  • $DOGE20 Tokenomics

25% of the $DOGE20 supply is sold in the staged presale. 25% allocation for marketing and 25% allocation for project treasury. There is a 15% supply for stalking rewards and a 10% supply to be utilized for exchange liquidity.

$DOGE20 purchase methods: ETH, USDT, Bank Card

Green Bitcoin

The Green Bitcoin project was launched in 2023. Its streaking rewards can be as high as 500%. Green Bitcoin is based on a predict-to-earn model and it has Gamified Green Staking, which provides up to 100% token bonuses.

You can predict BTC trends and earn. Green BTC is seen as an eco-friendly alternative and your crypto earnings from this platform are sustainable. You can take part in the weekly prediction challenges and stake your tokens. 

  • $GBTC Tokenomics

It has 50% presale, 20% staking regards, and 12.50% marketing. The liquidity is around 7.50% and community rewards are at 10%

Green Bitcoin purchase methods: USDT, ETH, Bank Cards

Sponge V2

Sponge V2 was launched in December 2023. It is a meme coin that provides P2E utility and staking rewards. SpongeV2 has 12k+ holders and the numbers are growing. Its price has been 10x up in the last months and rumors suggest that it is a BTC listing.

$SPONGE has a 100M market cap ATH, 13,000 holders, 10+ centralized exchanges, 30k social followers in a number of days, and provides spectacular gains for early spongers. 

  • SpongeV2 Tokenomics

SpongeV2 has 43.09% staking rewards, 26.93% bridged, and $SPONGE. It has 7.50% marketing, 8% P2E rewards, 10% CEX liquidity, and 4.47% game development with a total token supply of 150,000,000,000.

$SPONGE purchase methods: Ethereum, USD Tether, Bank Cards


5thScape project was launched on Jan 2024 and it is a VR and AR gaming project. It aims to raise $15 M in 12 rounds. The token holders of the project will get lifetime access to VR content. It has a 5.21 b total token supply with a 15M market cap at listing.

The VR games introduced so far are Cage Conquest, Thrust Hunter, Immersive Kickoff, Epic Cricket Arena, and Archery Master. You can the waitlist for all these games. 

  • 5SCAPE Tokenomics

80% of the total has been allocated to the presale, 10% to treasury and development, and 10% to liquidity. 

5SCAPE purchase methods: Bank card, ETH, USDT

Smog (SMOG)

The Smog project was launched in February 2024 and it is a meme coin with a prediction-to-earn model. 35% of the total supply has been reserved for the airdop rewards in the future.

This meme coin introduced on the platform of Soana enables the byes to buy, hold, and stake $SMOG, the native token of the platform, and for this they will be rewarded. 

  • $SMOG Tokenomics

There is a total supply of 1.4 B. 50% is allocated for marketing, and 35% for airdrop. 10% is allocated for CEX liquidity and 5% is allocated for DEX Liquidity. 

SMOG purchase methods: USDT, SOL

Bitcoin Minetrix

Bitcoin MInetric was launched in 2023 and it is a stake-to-mine project that enables easy mining of BTC. its presale has raised over $6.5 M and there are more than 90% staking APY during the presale. It is a cloud mining platform and it is tokenized and anyone can mine BTC in a decentralized way. 

  • Bitcoin Minetrix Tokenomics

42.5% of the total supply is allocated for bitcoin mining, 35.0% is allocated for marketing, 12.5% is allocated for staking and 10.0% is allocated for community. 

Bitcoin Minetrix purchase methods: USDT, BNB, ETH, Bank Card

Closing Thoughts

Crypto presales present investors an opportunity to buy the tokens before they are made available for the public. The presale platform may also provide considerable discounts for the investors during the presale purchases.

You can see it as early access to promising crypto projects where you stand the chase to make a fortune. However, note that all the crypto presales may not turn out the same way that they are expected to. Therefore, when you invest in any crypto presale platform, thoroughly go through the risks associated with it.

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