Best Crypto Giveaways For April 2024: Crypto Rewards Galore!

Crypto giveaway is the most popular way you can distribute r tokens or coins to participants free of cost. Why should this be done freely? Is that what you are thinking? When you run or host a free crypto giveaway it acts as a promotion for your business.

You can reach out to a great number of potential buyers and increase brand awareness. Here we have the list of the best crypto giveaways for 2024.

Best Crypto Giveaways For April 2024


Smog is a meme coin and it aims to dominate the Solana chain with a massive giveaway. There are a total of 490 tokens estimated for the giveaway. This makes up to a third of the total supply of SMOG in circulation.

You can earn SMOG in giveaways by making more airdrop points. It is not a presale. The available purchase methods are SOL, stablecoins such as USDT and USDC, and other Solana-based tokens. However, $SMOG is not confined only to the Solana chain and it is a multi-chain token. There is no minimum investment and maximum investment. 


OKX is becoming one of the most popular crypto exchange platforms and it is holding a competition of trading. The winners will get mega rewards. The highest winnings can result in you getting to choose between a $50,000 USD Tether or a new Tesla.

OKX will also reward the winners with 5 raffle tickets for each $10,000 USDT that you trade. It means that the more you trade on the platform you have the more chances of winning. As part of its promotional campaigns, the rewards that were already distributed are MacBook Pro, iPhone 14 Pro, a vacation to Maldives, and Manchester City FC Tickets. gives you a chance to win 5,000 USD in its giveaway. It is a crypto exchange platform and it is noted for its previous free crypto giveaways and tournaments. The newest one is the trading competition where you can win up to $5,000.

You can enter the competition by trading on a certain segment termed Exchange Plus on The top trader will be rewarded with $1,000. The top traders in the second and third positions will be rewarded with $500 and $450 respectively.

There are a total of ten positions that will earn the reads. In addition to this, the platform will also choose 12 random participants and give them each $100. All the prizes will be paid out in USDT. 


KuCoin has started a listing campaign for its Cetus Protocol. The Cetus Campaign lets you win a share of the $40,000 CETUS tokens. It takes place in three stages. Each of these 3 stages will reward you with various prizes.

In the first stage, you can win a share of $9,000 CETUS  tokens for the new users on the platform of KuCoin. There are certain criteria that you have to meet to take part in this and to win prizes. To be deemed eligible for the first stage you have to have a minimum trading volume of 1,000 CETUS.

In the second stage, the users have to complete a KYC procedure and also have to invite new customers. At least one new customer should join the KuCoin platform and they should have joined by using your referral code. In the 3rd stage, those who have the highest CETUS trading volume are considered as the winners. 400 top traders will get a share of $20,000.


Nexo is becoming too popular of a platform for beginners. Presently, it has started running a referral program where you can earn $25 worth of BTC. when you are a new user and when you join using a referral code you are eligible to get 25 US dollars worth of Bitcoin.

Here is how you qualify for the reward. Your user account should be identity verified and the account should be tapped up with a total of $100 worth of digital assets. 


TradeStation has announced a new crypto giveaway which is gaining attention from all over. Note that the giveaway is good only for new users. When you join the platform you get a welcome bonus of $150 worth of Bitcoin.

You need to meet certain conditions to get the welcome bonus. Remember to use NERDAGCT  as the promo code when you create the account. Next, you have to buy or deposit 500 USD worth of supported crypto in your account. Make sure that you maintain this portfolio balance for two months. You will get the reward split into 2 payments, each worth 75 USD. 

The Bottom Line

Crypto giveaways serve a crucial role in promoting a new crypto project, or a cryptocurrency exchange. By running a free crypto giveaway the popularity of the crypto project increases inside the relevant circles. It will help you kickstart your project. 

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