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Asymmetry Finance (ASF): Comprehensive Ratings and Information

By Eric George


Reviewed by: Eric George


Asymmetry Finance (ASF)

Asymmetry Finance has earlier announced that its public sale will take place on June 12, 2024, on the platform of Paid Network. The project was founded by Hannah JoJo and Justin Garland. Here in this article, let us learn more about the crypto. 

Asymmetry Finance Overview

Asymmetry Finance (ASF) can be seen as an attempt to re-engineer the synthetic dollar. It powers the yield on a variety of staking tokens. A few examples can be quoted as the ETH (10% APY) and CVX (34% APY). Asymmetry Finance’s high-yield synthetic dollar is afUSD (21% APY). 

From the seed round alone, the project was able to raise around 4 million US dollars. The crypto project raised this amount of money from sources such as Republic Crypto, the founder of Frax, Avon Ventures, Side Door Ventures,  and the founders of Convex. The afUSD can be seen as an alternative that is completely on the chain to Ethena. It is fully scalable and open source as well. 

The ticker symbol of the project as you have already untied is ASF. It was launched in the United States. It was back in 2023 that Asymmtry Finance was launched in the DeFi industry on the Ethereum blockchain. Ot has a whitelist, bounty, and MVP; and there is no KYC. The type of project is IDO. The project runs proper audits.

Some of the audits that have been done so far are  Adrino Finance Report January 2024, Code4rena afETH Invitational Findings & Analysis Report, Zellic Audit Report, yAudit Review, Code4rena Mitigation Review contest details, Code4rena contest Findings & Analysis Report, and Adrino Finance Report May 2024

Asymmetry Finance Token Economy & Tokenomics


  • 46% of the total supply goes  to the DAO Treasury
  • 20% of the total supply goes  to the Investors/ Public Sale
  • 18% of the total supply goes to the Core Contributors
  • 9% of teh total supply goes to the Community Rewards
  • 7% of the total supply goes to the Partnerships

Token Economy

Total Supply51,000,000
Total Raise5,500,000 US dollars
Public Sale1,271,186 (2.49%)
Private / Pre-Sale7,650,000 (15%)
Initial Circulation Supply3,600,000 US dollars (5.98% of FDV)
Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV)60,180,000 US dollars

When you are looking to know about the information of the crypto, you need to know both its advantages and disadvantages. 

Asymmetry Finance (ASF) Pros And Cons

Here is a table where we have added the pros and cons of the Asymmetry Finance (ASF). Go through it and find out all the good and bad things about it.

  • A team with proven crypto experience and expertise
  • Impressive performance from the PR side
  • Poor influencer marketing, rated as below the average level
  • The solution for liquid staking (LS) and staking (LRT) matches with the live market trend
  • Robust growth marketing
  • Open and available bug bounty program
  • Solid security mechanisms
  • Runs time to time public smart contract audits
  • Pretty good marketing infrastructure
  • SMM coverage is above the average
  • Multiple reputed partners and backers are present
  • A lower initial market cap/ FDV rate (5.89%)
  • There is no clarity on the size of the user base
  • Poor influencer marketing, rated as below the average level
  • A public vesting schedule is not present
  • Adequate search engine optimization is absent
  • Lacks transparency regarding the Private Round of the token distribution

Asymmetry Finance More

Asymmetry Finance can be seen as a utility token with the token standard ERC-20. The token price in USD is, 1  ASF = 1.37 USD. The accepted currencies are USDC. 

The country limitations are as follows, United States of America, Belarus, Zimbabwe, Cuba, Liberia, Iraq, Democratic Republic of Congo, Islamic Republic of Iran, Myanmar, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Côte d’Ivoire, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Syrian Arab Republic, and Sudan. 

Final Lines

We hope you were able to know everything about the crypto project. In this article, we have added all the basic information that someone is looking for about this crypto. Before making any major investment decisions, we advice you to do your own thorough research. When you invest, let it be small or large, keep in mind that, you should not be investing more than what you can afford to lose.

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