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Aptos (APT) Price Prediction 2024 To 2030: Is It A Good Investment?

By Fotis Dixon


Reviewed by: Fotis Dixon


Aptos (APT) Price Prediction

Aptos is a layer 1 blockchain project known for its high scalability. The former Diem developers are the masterminds behind this project.

The aim of this project is to offer better solutions for reliability, safety, and usability. Here in this article, we look into the future of Aptos (APT) through the price predictions made on it. 

Aptos (APT)  Price Prediction & Market Cap

  • Aptos (APT) Price = 9.10 US dollars
  • Aptos (APT) Market Cap = 3.97 B US dollars
  • Aptos (APT) Diluted Market Cap = 9.10 B US  dollars
  • Aptos (APT) 24 H Volume = 199.94 M US dollars
  • Aptos (APT) Vol. / M. Cap Ratio = 0.504
  • Aptos (APT) Circulating Supply = 435.95 M (44%)
  • Aptos (APT) Total Supply = 1.10 B
  • Aptos (APT) Max Supply = 1.00 B
  • Aptos (APT) Supply Inflation = 120.28% (High)
  • Aptos (APT) Dominance = 0.15%
  • Aptos (APT) Volatility = 4.40% (Medium)

The all-time high value that the crypt has had is 19.86 US dollars which was recorded on Jan 30, 2023. The all-time low value that the crypto has had is 3.08 US dollars which was recorded on  Dec 29, 202.

The cycle low is  4.73 US dollars and the cycle high is 719.28 US dollars. Aptos was released on the platform of  APT. 

Currently, the crypto has bullish sentiment in the market with 73 points marked in the Fear and Greed Index which indicates ‘Greed’.

Over the last 30 days, there have been 12 green days which is equivalent to 40%. The 50-day SMA is 9.12 US dollars with a 14-day RSI of 48.87. 

Aptos (APT)  Price Prediction & Market Cap

Aptos (APT)  Price Prediction 2024

MonthMaximum Price Minimum PricePotential ROIAverage Price
June 20249.50 USD10.13 USD-3.6%9.82 USD
July 20249.69 USD10 USD-1.6%9.85 USD
August 20249.57 USD9.11 USD-2.8%9.34 USD
September 20249.58 USD9.36 USD-2.7%9.47 USD
October 20249.58 USD12.81 USD-2.7%11.20 USD
November 202413.76 USD10.75 USD39.7%12.26 USD
December 20249.99 USD10.07 USD1.4%10.03 USD
All Time 202410.89 USD10.29 USD10.6%10.59 USD
Most Expected Trading  Price 202410.89 USD
Least Expected Trading Price 202410.29 USD
Average Trading Price 202410.59 USD
Potential ROI 202410.6%

Aptos (APT)  Price Prediction 2025

MonthMaximum Price Minimum PricePotential ROIAverage Price
January 202511.28 USD10.87 USD14.5%10.91 USD
February 202512.56 USD11.74 USD27.5%11.83 USD
March 202513.85 USD12.61 USD40.6%12.75 USD
April 202515.13 USD13.47 USD53.6%13.67 USD
May 202516.41 USD14.34 USD66.6%14.59 USD
June 202517.69 USD15.21 USD79.6%15.51 USD
July 202518.97 USD16.08 USD92.6%16.42 USD
August 202520.25 USD16.95 USD105.6%17.34 USD
September 202521.54 USD17.82 USD118.6%18.26 USD
October 202522.82 USD18.68 USD131.6%19.18 USD
November 202524.10 USD19.55 USD144.7%20.10 USD
December 202525.38 USD20.42 USD157.7%21.02 USD
All Time 202518.33 USD15.64 USD86.1%15.96 USD
Most Expected Trading  Price 202518.33 USD
Least Expected Trading Price 202515.64 USD
Average Trading Price 202515.96 USD
Potential ROI 202586.1%

Aptos (APT)  Price Prediction 2026

MonthMaximum Price Minimum Price Potential ROIAverage Price
January 202626.19 USD21.18 USD165.9%21.81 USD
February 202627.01 USD21.93 USD174.2%22.61 USD
March 202627.82 USD22.69 USD182.5%23.40 USD
April 202628.64 USD23.45 USD190.7%24.20 USD
May 202629.45 USD24.20 USD199%24.99 USD
June 202630.27 USD24.96 USD207.3%25.79  USD
July 202631.08 USD25.72 USD215.5%26.58 USD
August 202631.89 USD26.47 USD223.8%27.37 USD
September 202632.71 USD27.23 USD232.1%28.17 USD
October 202633.52 USD27.99 USD240.3%28.96 USD
November 202634.34 USD28.74 USD248.6%29.76 USD
December 202635.15 USD29.50 USD256.9%30.55 USD
All Time 202630.67 USD25.34 USD211.4%26.18 USD
Most Expected Trading  Price 202630.67 USD
Least Expected Trading Price 202625.34 USD
Average Trading Price 202626.18 USD
Potential ROI 2026211.4%

Aptos (APT)  Price Prediction 2027

MonthMaximum Price Minimum Price Potential ROIAverage Price
January 202736.62 USD30.79 USD271.8%31.85 USD
February 202738.09 USD32.07 USD286.6%33.15 USD
March 202739.55 USD33.36 USD301.5%34.45 USD
April 202741.02 USD34.64 USD316.4%35.75 USD
May 202742.49 USD35.93 USD331.3%37.05 USD
June 202743.96 USD37.22 USD346.2%38.35 USD
July 202745.42 USD38.50 USD361.1%39.65 USD
August 202746.89 USD39.79 USD376%40.95 USD
September 202748.36 USD41.07 USD390.9%42.25 USD
October 202749.83 USD42.36 USD405.8%43.55 USD
November 202751.29 USD43.64 USD420.7%44.85 USD
December 202752.76 USD44.93 USD435.6%46.15 USD
All Time 202744.69 USD37.86 USD353.7%39 USD
Most Expected Trading  Price 202744.69 USD
Least Expected Trading Price 202737.86 USD
Average Trading Price 202739 USD
Potential ROI 2027353.7%

Aptos (APT)  Price Prediction 2028

MonthMaximum Price Minimum PricePotential ROIAverage Price
January 202854.90 USD46.25 USD457.3%47.52 USD
February 202857.04 USD47.57 USD479.1%48.90 USD
March 202859.18 USD48.90 USD500.8%50.27 USD
April 202861.31 USD50.22 USD522.5%51.65 USD
May 202863.45 USD51.54 USD544.2%53.02 USD
June 202865.59 USD52.86 USD565.9%54.40 USD
July 202867.73 USD54.18 USD587.6%55.77 USD
August 202869.87 USD55.50  USD609.3%57.14 USD
September 2028 72.01 USD56.83 USD631%58.52 USD
October 202874.14 USD58.15 USD652.7%59.89 USD
November 202876.28 USD59.47 USD674.4%61.27 USD
December 202878.42 USD60.79 USD696.1%62.64 USD
All Time 202866.66 USD53.52 USD576.7%55.08 USD
Most Expected Trading  Price 202866.66 USD
Least Expected Trading Price 202853.52 USD
Average Trading Price 202855.08 USD
Potential ROI 2028576.7%

Aptos (APT) Price Prediction 2029

MonthMaximum Price Minimum PricePotential ROIAverage Price
January 202980.70 USD63.27 USD719.3%65.23 USD
February 202982.98 USD65.75 USD742.4%67.82 USD
March 202985.26 USD68.24 USD765.6%70.41 USD
April 202987.54 USD70.72 USD788.7%72.99 USD
May 202989.82 USD73.20 USD811.9%75.58 USD
June 202992.10 USD75.68 USD835%78.17 USD
July 202994.38 USD78.16 USD858.2%80.76 USD
August 202996.66 USD80.64 USD881.3%83.35 USD
September 202998.94 USD83.13 USD904.5%85.94 USD
October 2029101.22 USD85.61 USD927.6%88.52 USD
November 2029103.50 USD88.09 USD950.8%91.11 USD
December 2029105.78 USD90.57 USD973.9%93.70 USD
All Time 202993.24 USD76.92 USD846.6%79.46 USD
Most Expected Trading  Price 202993.24 USD
Least Expected Trading Price 202976.92 USD
Average Trading Price 202979.46 USD
Potential ROI 2029846.6%

Aptos (APT)  Price Prediction 2030

MonthMaximum Price Minimum PricePotential ROIAverage Price
January 2030110.01 USD94.17 USD1016.9%97.35 USD
February 2030114.25 USD97.76 USD1059.9%101 USD
March 2030118.48 USD101.36 USD1102.9%104.64 USD
April 2030122.72 USD104.95 USD1145.9%108.29 USD
May 2030126.95 USD108.55 USD1188.8%111.94 USD
June 2030131.19 USD112.15 USD1231.8%115.59 USD
July 2030135.42 USD115.74 USD1274.8%119.23 USD
August 2030139.65 USD119.34 USD1317.8%122.88 USD
September 2030143.89 USD122.93 USD1360.8%126.53 USD
October 2030148.12 USD126.53 USD1403.8%130.18 USD
November 2030152.36 USD130.12 USD1446.8%133.82 USD
December 2030156.59 USD133.72 USD1489.7%137.47 USD
All Time 2030133.30 USD113.94 USD1253.3%117.41 USD
Most Expected Trading  Price 2030133.30 USD
Least Expected Trading Price 2030113.94 USD
Average Trading Price 2030117.41 USD
Potential ROI 20301253.3%

Where To Buy Aptos (APT)?

Here are a few platforms from where you can buy the crypto. You can see that the crypto is listed in all the major cryptocurrency exchanges:

  • Binance
  • KuCoin
  • Kraken
  • Bybit
  • OKX
  • Binance Futures
  • MEXC
  • UPbit
  • Coinbase
  • AscendEX

Other than the above-listed cryptocurrency exchanges, you can buy Aptos (APT) from the following exchanges as well, CEX.IO, Bitfinex,, BitMEX, HTX (Huobi), Binance US, Bitget, and BIB.

How To Buy Aptos (APT)?

Let us see how you can buy the crypto from Coinbase, one of the key cryptocurrency exchange platforms:

  • As the first step, you will need to create an  account on the platform of the exchange
  • Submit the required ID and get your account verified
  • Add a payment method to your account
  • Initiate a trade
  • You can choose Aptos from the listed cryptocurrency assets in the platform 
  • Enter the amount of Aptos that you want to buy
  • Finalize your purchase 
  • Wait for the confirmation screen

These are the simple steps through which you can buy Aptos from a cryptocurrency exchange. There will only be little changes when the platform changes. 

The Bottom Line

Based on the current data, APT is ming on an average 200-day SMA. The price predictions also suggest that it is a good investment that you can make now.

Before you make an instant, you should conduct a thorough research on it. When you are investing, you should be sure about it. Also, do not invest more than what you can afford to lose. 

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