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Apple Integrates OpenAI’s ChatGPT Into iPhones

By Eric George


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Apple and OpenAI

The tech world is celebrating the latest news of Apple and OpenAI joining hands. What’s this gonna lead to? Are we about to witness one of the top collaborations of the year?

Upon hearing this news the tech community has a lot of assumptions and speculations. Here in this news piece, we discuss all that. Start reading now.

Apple and OpenAI: What’s the latest news?

Apple and OpenAI are new partners. What’s this partnership gonna bring to the Apple users?

Do you have an iPhone or any other Apple products? If yes, then you are about to have a lot of privileges. You are going to enjoy some new features. Let us look into all that.

This collaboration will result in ChatGPT getting integrated into Apple products such as iOS, macOS, and iPadOS. You can expect to soon have new features like document understanding and image understanding.

Now onwards, Apple’s Siri will use ChatGPT to improvise the reasons that it provides to your different queries.

However, you do not have to be worried about the privacy and confidentiality of your queries. The ChatGPT-integrated Siri needs your permission and will first ask for your consent before using your data.

Who is celebrating the great news of the Apple-OpenAI partnership?

The collaboration of Apple and OpenAI is creating ripples all over the world. At this WWDC event, Apple introduced this partnership. Also, the latest features were also mentioned. Let us look at some of the highlights of the Apple WWDC event:

Apple and OpenAI

The most exciting news is, without any doubt, the ChatGPT integration. The other news features that would be valuable in Apple devices include the new call recording feature.

There were also announcements about the new features that enhance the transcription capabilities.

Does ChatGPT replace Siri?

ChatGPT integration is announced for all the different ranges of products of Apple. However, there are assumptions, at least among some, that ChatGPT may replace Siri. But that’s not the reality. Siri, the virtual assistant of Apple that you can use to carry out many of the functions in mobile just by giving voice commands is not getting replaced.

Apple users, you do not have to worry as Apple has absolutely no plan to replace Siri. Apple may revamp Siri from time to time, and you can expect more features to come in.

Siri is going to enjoy all the privileges of Apple’s integration with OpenAI’s ChatGPT. The major aim of this integration is to provide a seamless experience to the users. With Siri getting integrated with the AI tool, the users will no longer have to switch between these two, the virtual assistant and the AI tool, to get the different tasks

The Apple ecosystem would get advanced by having the advanced search understanding features directly into it. Let us see how Siri is going to work using this ChatGPT.

How is Siri gonna function with ChatGPT integration?

It is anticipated that the ChatGPT integration will enhance Siri’s performance. The intelligence and capabilities of the AI tool would be integrated by the virtual assistant. And Siri would be able to contact you through research and answer your queries efficiently. It has also added image-understanding features and document-understanding features.

At the same time, you would have complete control over this AI usage. Neither Siri nor ChatGPT would be able to use your data without your permission.

When you ask a query to Siri, Siri will ask you whether you want to send your query to ChatGPT. Siri will do the same and obtain your permission before any photos and documents are shared with ChatGPT.

If you provide consent, your queries will be sent to ChatGPT. It means that you have complete access whether you want to get the help of the AI tool. If you do not provide consent, Siri will handle your query in the most efficient way that it can.

If you consent to share your queries with ChatGPT, then Siri will get back to you with what ChatGPT was able to find out.

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The Bottom Line

What do you think about this new partnership? Do you think you are gonna benefit from it as an Apple user?

However, it is evident that this collaboration of the tech titan with the AI giant is going to result in one of the best results in the coming days.

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