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Akash Network (AKT) Price Prediction 2024 – 2030: Find In-depth!

By Jay Dawson


Reviewed by: Jay Dawson


Akash Network (AKT) Price Prediction

Akash is an open-source and decentralized cloud computing source. This open network lets all the users buy and sell computing resources in the most efficient and secure way.

Currently, it is one of the most revolutionary projects offering cloud computing services. The present attention that the crypto realm is getting from all directions is giving a prominent position for decentralized projects and platforms and one such platform is Akash Network.

Here we are going to look at the price predictions made on the Akash Network (AKT) from 2024 to 2030. You can also read about the purchasing options of AKT. 

Akash Network (AKT) Price Prediction And Market Cap

The price of Akash Network at the time of writing this article is 5.7 US dollars. Over the past 24 hours, there has been a 3.38% gain in its value. And over the last 7 days, there has been an 18.1% increase in its cost. 

  • Akash Network Market Cap = 1,162,757,403.01 US dollars
  • Akash Network Circulating Supply = 235,825,689 AKT
  • Akash Network Trading Volume = 133,281,426.10 US dollars
  • Akash Network Volatility = 12.73%

The all-time higher price than the crypot has is 8.08 US dollars. The all-time low price that the crypto has had is 0.17 US dollars. Based on these details, the price prediction made on the crypto for the next 7 days is 19.46 US dollars with a 232.88 gain. 

The Fear and Greed Index indicates ‘Extreme Greed’ with 76 points. The crypto has had 14 green days over the past 30 days equivalent to 47%. The 50-day SMA of Akash Network is 4.59 US dollars, with a 200-day SMA of 3.32  US dollars and a 14-day RSI of 56.93. 

Akash Network (AKT) Price  Prediction 2024

MonthMaximum Price Minimum PricePotential ROIAverage Price
May 20248.86 USD5.94 USD119.3%7.40 USD
June 20249.65 USD10.20 USD138.9%9.93 USD
July 20247.62 USD1.34 USD88.6%4.48 USD
August 20244.94 USD4.34 USD22.3%4.64 USD
September 20244.77 USD18.59 USD18.1%11.68 USD
October 202420.72 USD11.27 USD412.9%16 USD
November 20249.70 USD0.0460 USD140.1%4.87 USD
December 20248.35 USD0.309 USD106.7%4.33 USD
All Time3.57 USD3.28 USD-11.6%3.43 USD
Highest Trading Price3.57 USD
Lowest Trading Price3.28 USD
Average Trading Price3.43 USD
Potential ROI-11.6%

Akash Network (AKT) Price  Prediction 2025

MonthMaximum Price Minimum Price Potential ROIAverage Price
January 20255.17 USD0.634U SD27.9%9.50 USD
February 20255.47 USD1.22 USD35.3%9.31 USD
March 20255.76 USD1.81 USD42.6%9.11 USD
April 20256.06 USD2.40 USD50%8.92 USD
May 20256.36 USD2.99 USD57.4%8.72 USD
June 20256.66 USD3.57 USD64.7%8.53 USD
July 20256.95 USD4.16 USD72.1%8.33 USD
August 20257.25 USD4.75 USD79.5%8.13 USD
September 20257.55 USD5.34 USD86.8%7.94 USD
October 20257.85 USD5.92 USD94.2%7.74 USD
November 20258.14 USD6.51 USD101.5%7.55 USD
December 20258.44 USD7.10 USD108.9%7.35 USD
All Time6.80 USD3.87 USD68.4%8.43 USD
Highest Trading Price6.80 USD
Lowest Trading Price3.87 USD
Average Trading Price8.43 USD
Potential ROI68.4%

Akash Network (AKT) Price  Prediction 2026

MonthMaximum Price Minimum PricePotential ROIAverage Price
January 20268.76 USD7.39 USD116.8%7.65 USD
February 20269.08 USD7.68 USD124.6%7.94 USD
March 20269.39 USD7.97 USD132.5%8.24 USD
April 20269.71 USD8.26 USD140.3%8.53 USD
May 202610.03 USD8.55 USD148.2%8.83 USD
June 202610.35 USD8.85 USD156.1%9.12 USD
July 202610.66 USD9.14 USD163.9%9.42 USD
August 202610.98 USD9.43 USD171.8%9.71 USD
September 202611.30 USD9.72 USD179.6%10.01 USD
October 202611.62 USD10.01 USD187.5%10.30 USD
November 202611.93 USD10.30 USD195.4%10.60 USD
December 202612.25 USD10.59 USD203.2%10.89 USD
Highest Trading Price10.50 USD
Lowest Trading Price8.99 USD
Average Trading Price9.27 USD
Potential ROI160%

Akash Network (AKT) Price  Prediction 2027

MonthMaximum Price Minimum PricePotential ROIAverage Price
January 202712.79 USD11.02 USD216.6%11.33 USD
February 202713.33 USD11.44 USD230%11.76 USD
March 202713.87 USD11.87 USD243.3%12.20 USD
April 202714.41 USD12.29 USD256.7%12.63 USD
May 202714.95 USD12.72 USD270%13.07 USD
June 202715.49 USD13.14 USD283.4%13.51 USD
July 202716.03 USD13.57 USD296.8%13.94 USD
August 202716.57 USD13.99 USD310.1%14.38 USD
September 202717.11 USD14.42 USD323.5%14.81 USD
October 202717.65 USD14.84 USD336.9%15.25 USD
November 202718.19 USD15.27 USD350.2%15.68 USD
December 202718.73 USD15.69  USD363.6%16.12 USD
Highest Trading Price15.76 USD
Lowest Trading Price13.35 USD
Average Trading Price13.72 USD
Potential ROI290.1%

Akash Network (AKT) Price  Prediction 2028

MonthMaximum Price Minimum PricePotential ROIAverage Price
January 202819.42 USD16.24 USD380.8%16.69 USD
February 202820.12 USD16.80 USD397.9%17.26 USD
March 202820.81 USD17.35 USD415%17.84 USD
April 202821.50 USD17.90 USD432.2%18.41 USD
May 202822.19 USD18.46 USD449.3%18.98 USD
June 202822.89 USD19.01 USD466.5%19.55 USD
July 202823.58 USD19.56 USD483.6%20.12 USD
August 202824.27 USD20.12 USD500.7%20.69 USD
September 202824.96 USD20.67 USD517.9%21.27 USD
October 202825.66 USD21.22 USD535%21.84 USD
November 202826.35 USD21.78 USD552.2%22.41 USD
December 202827.04 USD22.33 USD569.3%22.98 USD
Highest Trading Price23.23 USD
Lowest Trading Price19.29 USD
Average Trading Price19.84 USD
Potential ROI475%

Akash Network (AKT) Price  Prediction 2029

MonthMaximum Price Minimum Price Potential ROIAverage Price
January 202927.99 USD23.10 USD592.8%23.77 USD
February 202928.94 USD23.86 USD616.4%24.56 USD
March 202929.89 USD24.63 USD639.9%25.35 USD
April 202930.84 USD25.39 USD663.4%26.13 USD
May 202931.79 USD26.16 USD687%26.92 USD
June 202932.75 USD26.93 USD710.5%27.71 USD
July 202933.70 USD27.69 USD734.1%28.50 USD
August 202934.65 USD28.46 USD757.6%29.29 USD
September 202935.60 USD29.22 USD781.1%30.08 USD
October 202936.55 USD29.99 USD804.7%30.86USD
November 202937.50 USD30.75 USD828.2%31.65 USD
December 202938.45 USD31.52 USD851.7%32.44 USD
Highest Trading Price33.22 USD
Lowest Trading Price27.31 USD
Average Trading Price28.10 USD
Potential ROI722.3%

Akash Network (AKT) Price  Prediction 2030

MonthMaximum Price Minimum PricePotential ROIAverage Price
January 203039.69 USD32.45 USD882.3%33.41 USD
February 203040.92 USD33.39 USD912.9%34.37 USD
March 203042.16 USD34.32 USD943.5%35.34 USD
April 203043.39 USD35.26 USD974.1%36.30 USD
May 203044.63 USD36.19 USD1004.7%37.27 USD
June 203045.87 USD37.13 USD1035.3%38.24 USD
July 203047.10 USD38.06 USD1065.9%39.20 USD
August 203048.34 USD38.99 USD1096.5%40.17 USD
September 203049.57 USD39.93 USD1127%41.13 USD
October 203050.81 USD40.86 USD1157.6%42.10 USD
November 203052.04 USD41.80 USD1188.2%43.06 USD
December 203053.28 USD42.73 USD1218.8%44.03 USD
Highest Trading Price46.48 USD
Lowest Trading Price37.59 USD
Average Trading Price38.72 USD
Potential ROI1050.6%

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Where To Buy Akash Network (AKT)?

Here are some of the platforms from where  you can buy Akash Network (AKT):

  • KuCoin
  • Kraken
  • Coinbase
  • CoinGecko

How To Buy Akash Network (AKT)?

Let us how you can buy Akash Network (AKT)

  • Select the crypto exchange from which you want to buy Akash Network
  • Some exchanges provide you the option to secure your account by string trading password, Google 2FA code, and anti-phishing code
  • Pass the KYC and verify your account
  • Add a payment method 
  • Buy AKT

The Bottom Line

Based on the above price predictions, it is currently a good time to invest in Akash Network (ATK). The present data shows a steady growth in its value in the coming years. If you want to invest in this project, you should conduct your own research. We wish you the best!

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