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7 Highest Salary Crypto Jobs List: 2024 Updated

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Crypto jobs

Crypto jobs are becoming the hottest with the best pay. People do consider this as a potential position to make money.

If you know well about crypto but feel perplexed about where to start, here is a list that you can look at. We have the list of the 7 highest salary crypto jobs in 2024.

7 Highest Salary Crypto Jobs List

Crypto jobs

Crypto Executive Jobs

Crypto executive roles pay the highest salaries. Some of the roles are Chief Financial Officer (CFO), COO, and CEO. These positions have a crucial nature, involve high-risk management, and require potential decision-making skills.

In these roles, you can earn an average of $241,000 annually. However, this salary changes with the company and the crypto platform that you work in.

Also, with the nature of the crypto platform that you are in such as cryptocurrency exchange platforms, product and service providers, and more.

Blockchain Developer

You can be a blockchain developer who develops smart contracts and dApps on blockchain technology.

Managing this position means that you will design the infrastructure of a blockchain project, create the codes, establish security protocols on the platform, and more.

If you have a bachelor’s degree preferably in tech and if you possess programming knowledge you can become a blockchain developer.

Annually, you will get paid an average starting salary of $146,250. With more experience and abilities you can make more than that.

If you are a legal expert and love to learn all about the existing as well as new regulations happening in the crypt realm, then you can be a crypto legal expert.

The legalities of the crypto world are becoming more complex and therefore crypto exchange platforms and all crypto companies always look to hire the best crypto legal expert. The average salary per year starts at $143,000 and can go way beyond that.

Blockchain Product Manager

A blockchain product manager manages and oversees the production and establishment of blockchain products and digital assets.

As a Bockcahn product manager, you will have to craft various strategies during the development phase of the product. You will handle the various teams in the production of blockchain-based products.

When trying for this job, make sure that you have a bachelor’s or master’s in computer science engineering which is mandatory for this role.

Also, you should have in-depth knowledge of the blockchain along with the certificates that prove your knowledge to others. The salary starts at $135,000 and goes near $200,000 yearly.

Crypto Researcher

A crypt researcher is an expert in the crypto realm, one who knows everything about blockchains, crypto coins, protocols, projects, and more.

As a crypto researcher, you will have to conduct detailed research about the market trends, price fluctuations, expected volatility, price prediction, and more about crypto coins, tokens, projects, and more.

All this data should help your company to make the best trading decisions and withstand market volatility effectively. You can set the safety expectations around $159,000.

Crypto Risk Analyst

A crypto risk analyst is the one who decides what to do and when to do when it comes to crypto-related decisions. You should be able to accurately analyze the outcomes of a particular decision.

You should be able to foresee the challenges and potential losses that may fall upon the company because of a certain decision. The critical decision-making skills with expertise in tech will help you secure a salary of around $102,000.

Crypto Investment Fund Manager

Managing a crypto investment fund requires competitive market analyzing skills and the ability to strategize movements.

Hence, you can get paid a high amount for serving in this position. You decide the amount that the company should invest in certain crypto projects.

In this role, you are expected to effectively analyze the future of each investment and to make key investment decisions.

The Bottom Line

Crypto jobs are becoming one of the highest paid in the market. If you have impressive expertise and experience in crypto and if this has helped you in the past to make decisions ahead of time, you can definitely try for these jobs.

Start by understanding the qualifications needed for each post. Here we have added only the 7 highest salary crypto jobs in 2024 and the list really does not end at 7.

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