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7 Best Solana NFT Collections To Explore

By Fotis Dixon


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Solana NFT Collections

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been a recent trend in the digital currency industry gaining a significant amount of attention. They rather seem more interesting than a formal digital currency.

Solana has emerged as a major player in the NFT space by providing a vast NFT ecosystem offering a variety of collections according to user interests.

7 best Solana NFT collections

This article provides with you the 7 best Solana NFT collections you should explore that provide a range of collections offering exciting possibilities for NFT collectors:

Solana NFT Collections

1. Mad Lads

Mad Lads is a Solana blockchain-based collection of 10,000 NFTs presenting comic-book-style illustrations of human characters with different designs and attributes.

Each NFT in the collection has a unique identity in which the attributes apply to the character’s gender, clothing, facial expression, type, hair, and more.

The collection also includes rare biological characteristics that present celestial, robotic, and undead characters. The collection has a trading volume of $560,406 in the last 24 hours.

2. SMB Gen2

SMB Gen2 is an NFT collection with 5000 randomly generated 24×24 pixel monkey NFTs. The NFT’s metadata is stored on Arweave which is a permanent decentralized data storage.

Each monkey NFT is made up of 99 possible traits spread over 6 layers where some tokens being rarer than others.

The tokens feature owner-exclusive advantages including NFT IP ownership and access to MonkeDAO which is a community-run DAO. The trading volume of the collection in the last 24 hours is $67,250.

3. DeGods

DeGods is a collection featuring 10,000 NFTs with godly characters that represent modern streetwear and ancient deity-inspired art.

It is a digital art ecosystem and global community of creators, developers, entrepreneurs, athletes, artists, experimenters, and innovators.

This collection provides an array of gods with unique traits, using a generative art algorithm that generates unique combinations of attributes for each god. The trading volume of the collection in the last 24 hours is $707,240.


Stepn is a smartphone app where users earn money by walking, jogging, or running for a narrowly presented period that refreshes every day.

It is a web 3 NFT that uses your GPS along with the virtual STEPN sneaker to pay you for moving your body anywhere and anytime.

This collection encourages the users to be healthy by indulging in physical activities meanwhile earning rewards from it. The trading volume of the collection in the last 24 hours is $42,310.

5. Famous Fox Federation

The Famous Fox Federation is an NFT collection that launched with 7,777 randomly generated animated fox NFTs which now encompasses four different NFT collections that combine the ‘Foxosphere’ ecosystem.

They also have provided various products like Citrus, a raffle tool, and a token exchange.

The collection’s governance token is called $FOXY. The current trading volume of the collection in the last 24 hours is $24,840

6. Peppermints

PepperMints is a top-tier NFT ecosystem bot that supports a variety of Minting Tools and Utilities. It has a collection of over 200 NFTs. The collection also Grants access to automation software.

PepperMints updates and improves its projects with the suggestions of the members which provokes a passionate and active community. The trading volume of the collection in the last 24 hours is $35,030.

7. Parcl HOA

Homeowners Association (HOA) is an NFT collection consisting of 7,777 unique pieces of iconic homes from four different cities.

The ownership of the tokens grants eligible holders a fascinating set of benefits to real-world events which includes early access to the Parcl Protocol, staking benefits, discounts on merchandise, and participation in charitable initiatives. The current market trading volume of the collection stands at $38,160.

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NFT collections have been gaining attention in recent times due to their interesting tokens and unique art presentations.

The above list is just a snap of the present market, the Solana NFT landscape is constantly expanding.

Every collection has its own unique value proposition. Before investing analyze the project details, community sentiment, and future plans to have a credible investment.

The Solana NFT collections are cherishing with potential providing opportunities for investment, artistic expression, and belonging to an active and passionate community.

Explore the collections and become part of the future Solana NFT landscape.

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