5 Best Web3 Games You Must Try

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Best Web3 Games

Web3 or the third generation of the World Wide Web, is a community built on Blockchain technology and is controlled by the users. It is featured with individual control of personal data along with the use of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets including NFTs.

Web3 games are decentralized, where the ownership of in-game assets and decision-making do not depend on a central authority, but on the community. 

1️⃣ Space Nation

Space Nation is a Web3-powered game designed as a virtual adventure for space explorers. The whole game is a journey of exploration, warfare, and survival in different corners of the universe.

The player, as a spaceship captain, can interact with different kinds of species residing in various parts of the universe, make connections, and is supposed to go through treacherous environments, looking to uncover the secrets of ancient ruins in space. 

 The game is an integration of play-for-earn and play-for-fun features. To play the game, one needs to possess Prime Navigator, Alpha Gate, and Enforcer Founder Edition Spaceship NFTs.

Presently, the platform allows players to collect OIK tokens playing Space Nation, which ends on 22 April. The current version has personal challenges, daily quests, and PvP gameplay.

2️⃣ Planet IX

Planet IX is a blockchain-based space game that ensures the security, transparency, and true ownership of the in-game assets by leveraging the technology. It is a multiplayer game that lets players purchase assets in the virtual universe it is set in.

The game does not just allow them to purchase land and buildings, and build structures, but also lets them monetize their possessions within the game’s economy. 

Apart from building their own digital assets, the game features open communication where the players can socialize with each other. They can explore the decentralized architecture and user-driven content that characterize the game, escaping into a virtual world.

3️⃣The Motorverse

With an upbeat soundtrack created by Tina Guo, a Grammy nominee, and Steve Mazzaro, the composer of popular motion pictures like Inception and Dune, The Motorverse is a motorsport-centric lifestyle open platform based on blockchain technology.

The platform is a subsidiary of Animoca Brands which is one of the pioneers of racing games in Web3. the platform that provides a space for digital racing is based on digital vehicle ownership. 

As a collection of several existing and upcoming projects, The Motorverse includes games like Formula E: High Voltage, REVV Racing, and Moto GP: Ignition. The Torque Squad NFT collection and the REVV token power the whole ecosystem of the game and constitute its official community. 


A fantasy football game based on blockchain, Sorare gamers purchase, own, and trade collectible cards on the platform using Non-Fungible Tokens. These cards represent real-life football stars from popular clubs.

As NFTs, these cards are owned by the player who owns them and cannot be replicated. This way, the game is an opportunity for football enthusiasts to collect digital assets and earn money while playing their favorite game, based on the performance of the player cards in real-life matches.

Although all Sorare Pro Competitions are accessible to everyone and do not demand any entry fees, the platform provides a space to monetize the player’s digital assets by buying and selling them.

However, the trading part is not as easy as it sounds especially since you need to be on the lookout for good opportunities and should have a deep understanding of how the game works. Also, no matter whether you win or lose, the player can keep the collectibles they enter into a team. 

5️⃣ Splinterlands

Splinterland, an online collectible card game, is built on blockchain technology, where the players hold the cards they own as Non-Fungible Tokens. The players can use the cards to build a deck and play against an opponent using the deck of cards, where they represent different creatures and spells. These cards can be traded on the platform just like we trade cryptocurrencies on a Blockchain network.

Similar to Sorare, Splinterland does not cost anything to play. These free-to-play accounts can be created solely with an email account and the gamers will have access to the game with a full deck of starter cards.

Having said that, the Summoner’s Spellbook that you would need to purchase to participate in tournaments and join guilds to earn rewards costs $10, which is completely optional. If you choose to participate in tournaments and ranked matches, you will climb the leaderboard as you earn more rewards and move forward. 

The list features five of the best Web3 games that are gaining momentous popularity among gamers in the present year. The games are of different kinds, from space exploration to card games, offering something for everyone.

All five Web3 games listed above feature a vibrant community of players along with competitive gameplay, providing an engaging and rewarding gaming experience for all kinds of players, professional or amateur.

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