12 Best Cryptos To Buy Now – Hot Picks (May 2024)

Have you been thinking of buying crypto? Do you feel confused about choosing the right crypto? When you decide to buy crypto, choosing the right one may require a lot of effort.

You have to consider various factors and make the right decision. Here we have the list of the 12 best cryptos to buy now. Go through it and find what is suitable for you.

12 Best Cryptos To Buy Now

best cryptos to buy

Maker (MKR)

MakerDAO is a prominent presence in the field of DeFi. It aims to create technology that will simplify money storing, borrowing, and lending.

This project has multiple upcoming launches such as Spark Protocol, DAI stablecoin, and much more increasing the demand for it in the market.

Binance Coin (BNB)

BNB is the native crypto of the global leader of centralized exchanges, Binance. The BNB token can be used for a lot of features and purposes.

As the token is powered by a legit and giant crypto platform, it has guaranteed stability and utility. The coin can also be used for token sales and has a special role in reducing the transaction cost.

Solana (SOL)

Solana is a top-performing blockchain network. It is noted for the outstanding speed and efficiency it showcases while transaction processing.

Currently, SOL is seen as one of the safest cryptos for you to buy. The platform has a bright future with a developing ecosystem, reliable community support, and long-term-oriented success goals.


IOTA is a cryptocurrency that does not use blockchain technology but rather uses Tangle technology. It has a primary focus on improvising IoT (Internet of Things) to enable a fee-less microtransaction with advanced security.

It is on the verge of an expansion which will explode in the coming days. IOTA has appealing collaborations with pioneering corporations.

The Graph (GRT)

Graph is an open-source software network enabling a reliable way of accessing data for the crypto economy.

It has progressed to become one of the most essential contents that consist of the DeFi infrastructure.

The platforms seat users into four categories such as developer, indexer, curator, and delegator.

Quant (QNT)

Quant is a blockchain technology that connects various blockchain systems. Overledger is a significant product of Quant and is a blockchain operating system that enables the development of MApps (multi-chain applications).

QNT seems promising as it has the potential to achieve broad blockchain integration.

Mina Protocol (Mina)

Mina Protocol is a crypto project developing an extremely lightweight blockchain having multiple use cases. Its size is only 22 KB and is the lightest blockchain in the world.

MINA utilizes zero-knowledge technology which shows great potential for the future. It is simple to join this network and is predicted to be one of the next exploding cryptocurrencies.

Filecoin (FIL)

Filecoin is developing a decentralized storage network. It is a blockchain project that seamlessly operates with DeFi and Web3 protocols.

The platform enables completely decentralized and permanent data storage. It is a solution for all the peeling looking for storage space in the digital ecosystem.

Avalanche (AVAX)

Avalanche is a platform where you can launch dApps and blockchain deployments. It is open source and is a layer-one platform.

Avalanche supports quick transactions at low cost, is energy efficient, and has high scalability. It is classified into 3 interoperable blockchains, giving it a tri-fold structure. The 3 blockchains are the X Chain, P Chain, and C Chain.

Uniswap (UNI)

Uniswap is a DeFi project and one of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchanges. 2024 is predicted to be a year in which Uniswap is going to undergo defining developments.

It has a user-centric policy and the platform continually strives to upgrade and improve its functions and features.

It supports trading by a series of smart contracts and is powered by the Ethereum blockchain.

Polygon (MATIC)

Polygon is a layer 2 coin. It is a scaling solution on layer 2 and aims to provide multiple tools to enable increased speed, low fees, and a simple blockchain transaction. Polygon was earlier known as Matic Network.

If you are looking to invest in layer 2 coins as well, Polygon is a suggested option. MATIC, its native token, has a promising future in the Ethereum network.

Quint (QUINT)

Quint is a crypto in the list of Metaverse and NFT crypto projects. It was recently announced and has an aim to connect the real world with the metaverse.

His token is suggested to buy now as it is the Quint Ecosystem’s flagship token. It provides unique real-world incentives and it is the first token of this kind.

Tangible asset creation is another feature associated with the token.

The Bottom Line

Here we have listed the 12 best cryptos to buy now. There are crypto coins, tokens, DeFi projects, Metaverse and NFT projects, and more.

We suggest you go through the features and potentials of each of these and make a suitable decision.

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