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10 Top Picks For Free Online Games For Kids

By Eric George


Reviewed by: Eric George


Free Online Games For Kids

Online gaming and kids’ together has been a controversial subject from the onset of such games. How much online gaming is too much is still a relevant question.

However, it’s not all bad. Today, we have games of all kinds, designed focusing on various key skills in the growth and development of a child. Here, I’ll introduce you to a few of those games that are not only helpful in keeping your child productively busy but also are free.

1. Nick Junior

Created for the age group 4 to 10, Nick Junior features a set of games based on the characters kids watch on the Nickelodeon channel. All the games on the platform are age-appropriate, educational, and simple.

Being educational does not make them boring, rather they teach things in a fun way and can hold the kid’s attention for longer than one would expect. 

2. Minecraft

A game that is designed to let kids explore virtual landscapes, and build and rebuild things, Minecraft opens up a world of creativity for kids, encouraging kids to go beyond their limitations in the real world.

The game is of an open-world nature, making online interactions possible. While this feature helps develop resourcefulness in kids, it could also pose a threat if used without proper parental oversight.

3. Fortnite

Targetting kids of an older age group, Fortnite is a game without a lot of educational aspects. However, the game builds real-world skills like strategy, teamwork, and better reflexes.

Fortnite presents creative problems where the players will be asked to come up with solutions that intend to improve their problem-solving skills. Here, the kids will learn to collaborate with friends, leveraging the strength of a team to face challenges.

4. Disney LOL

Focusing on enhancing the creativity and imagination of young children, Disney LOL is a platform created by the Walt Disney Company to provide free online games for four to ten-year-olds.

The games on this platform feature and let the children interact with different Disney characters that have been part of the cartoons and animated movies of the company from the beginning.

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5. Slime Road

This is a game about a slime ball on a road. The player needs to bounce the ball through rings to collect gems and win the game. The game is all about reflexes.

Slime Road improves hand-eye coordination and trains the kids to think on their feet in changing circumstances. The graphics of the game create a colorful and fun environment, making the game even more attractive.

6. Sonic Dash

Second of the Sonic Hedgehog game series, following Sonic Jump, Sonic Dash is an endless running game created by Hardlight. The game was released in 2013 and gained quick popularity like the rest of the games of the Hedgehog series.

The players need to fight a set of enemies in the game, using different strategies. As the game advances, there will be obstacles on the way, which the characters can jump over.

7. National Geographic Kids 

As a platform from an educational channel, National Geographic Kids features a range of games that are educational in nature as well.

Every single one of these games like Ocean and Space Explorer is informative, and engaging, and helps improve the child’s knowledge in associated areas whether it’s geography, history, or science. The brain-teasing games enhance the cognitive skills of the child, building intelligence, memory, and focus.

8. KILOO has games of every kind, including puzzle games, shooting games, and fashion games. Also, they constantly add new games to the list, never letting your child get bored of repetition or lack of innovation. Of Danish origin, the platform was developed in the year 2000 by Jacob Moller. has also created another popular game Subway Surfers, in collaboration with SYBO Games. 

9. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Intends to promote responsibility among children from a young age, the game is designed to provide virtual camping as well as interaction with characters including animals, where kids manage everything.

The game also allows parental oversight for transactions and privacy settings. The game also helps boost the creative and problem-solving skills of the child by presenting them with scenarios that demand those.

10. Among Us

As a social deduction game that builds logical thinking skills, Among Us is a game that is better suited for older kids.

The game needs to be played in teams that require the players to work together to carry out tasks like uncovering imposters, dealing with potential conflicts, and handling online interactions with little guidance from the elders. Among Us also helps develop communication skills through collaboration between players of the same age.

Although not all of them have educational aspects in the traditional sense, they all teach something to your kid, preparing them for their future real-world experiences and interactions too. Even if they are not as beneficial at all times, it doesn’t harm anyone to play something just for fun, as long as the game’s content is age-appropriate and kid-friendly. After all, who else deserves to have more fun than kids?

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