Editorial Policy

eBiz MBA is an online portal dedicated to e-business and crypto insights. With a collective experience of more than 100 years, our team of writers are not only journalists, they are also seasoned traders. Having first-hand experience in crypto trading and blockchain technology, they are the perfect people to write articles on it. Apart from our highly motivated group of writers we also have crypto experts, fintech analysts, and gambling enthusiasts in our team who help us to bring you valuable information regarding the crypto space. 

The Editorial Team

Everything published on this website is written and carefully scrutinized by our experienced writers. As mentioned earlier, our writers are crypto enthusiasts and excellent researchers. They closely observe the trends of the market and the economic news. Trustable information from reliable sources is carefully selected and others are discarded. Our writers write based on this crosschecked genuine information. The editorial team consists of a set of finance writers, who are headed by our Editor-in-chief. The Editor-in-chief strives to maintain the quality of the articles published on eBiz MBA. The crypto market predictions are made by our team of expert market analysts with years of trading experience. We write articles on assets that are highly volatile. The information we provided might change with time. To mitigate the problems it might cause, we have a dedicated team to review our articles and update them regularly according to the changes in the information mentioned. 

What Do We Publish?

eBiz MBA features articles on cryptocurrencies and related topics. We also publish articles about blockchain technology and its applications. The articles on this website are aimed at crypto enthusiasts, both new and experienced crypto traders. We aim to educate people about the possibilities of blockchain technology and the pitfalls of the crypto markets. That includes:

Market Analysis.

Market Prediction.

News Updates from the Crypto Space.

Price Prediction of Various Crypto Coins and Tokens.

Reviews of NFT (non-fungible tokens) Marketplaces.

Review of Crypto Exchanges.

Articles on Blockchain Technology.

Articles on Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

Tips and Guides on How to Trade.

Tools to Improve Trading.

Advice and Strategies on Crypto Trading.

What Are Our Editorial Guidelines?

eBiz MBA is highly dedicated to serving you genuine content related to the crypto market. We review various cryptocurrencies and predict the market cap using various tools experienced traders use. The primary source of our information is from analyzing the crypto market and graphs. The performance of the cryptocurrencies over a larger period is analyzed and the outside factors that might affect the crypto market are also taken into account while publishing price predictions. All the information regarding exchanges and NFT marketplaces is taken directly from the website of the exchange or marketplace that is being reviewed. The articles on technology and software related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain are sourced from the public domain after filtering out unreliable information.

Who Made These Guidelines?

The editorial guidelines are made by our editorial team consisting of writers experienced in the field of crypto trading. The guidelines mentioned above are peer-reviewed and updated from time to time to keep up with the changes in the market and to maintain the quality of the articles written. The editorial team extensively cross-checks the articles written by our writers to avoid errors and ensure genuineness. The published articles are constantly updated to the changes in prices and market conditions. Old articles are regularly removed and new articles supplant them with the latest information. There is a dedicated graphics team to handle the graphics, images, animations, and videos published on the website. The team makes sure that there are no copyright issues with the digital graphics/videos posted. The editors of eBiz MBA strictly monitor any copyright issues and remove necessary articles if seen to violate any copyrights.

Code & Ethics

Our team of writers, editors, analysts, and graphic designers operate according to strict guidelines set by the editorial team. We strive to uphold certain codes and ethics, which are mentioned below:

  1. Accuracy and Genuineness: The articles published on our website are based on reliable information that is acquired from reputable sources. Our primary source of information is the crypto market. The graphs and reputable third-party applications are used to derive any primary information. The economic news published by leading newspapers and online portals is used in our articles only after thorough scrutiny. The reviews written on the website about cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and marketplaces are from our first-hand experience. The reviews are data-driven and present you with facts. However, the reviews are the personal opinions of the reviewers. Our writers strive to be as accurate as possible while disseminating any information on this portal. 
  2. Transparency: Our team of writers, reviewers, analysts, or any staff has no known association with any cryptocurrency lenders, exchanges, NFT creators, or NFT marketplaces. All the reviews/articles published on this platform are based on mere facts that are known in the public domain. We hold no securities or investments in any of the assets we publish about. We don’t make any recommendations for you to buy, sell, or hold any investments. All the information that we use to write is taken from credible sources, which will be mentioned in the articles. 
  3. Impartiality: eBiz MBA or any of our staff has no stake or known association with any digital assets we review or publish about. This rule is strictly followed to ensure the most genuine and impartial articles on this website. Whatever we publish on this website is based on our personal experience or the information gathered from other users’ experiences. If you feel that any article published on eBiz MBA is impartial, feel free to contact our editorial team, who will be happy to take down, edit, or re-upload the article. 
  4. Fact-Check: We depend on the primary sources for most of the information we base our articles on. These include the official websites of the cryptocurrencies, NFT marketplaces, and other digital assets. Therefore all the information included in our articles is regarded to be true. Our editorial team painstakingly goes through every detail mentioned in every article and crosschecks it with the source to ensure that there are no errors. However, there are chances for minor errors in the articles. The website allows its users to revert to us for suggestions and corrections, which will be promptly assessed and corrected by our editorial team. 
  5. Corrections: Any corrections suggested by the visitors or users of our website will be cross-checked with the article and necessary changes will be made accordingly. Our editorial team handles the corrections in the articles, news, and reviews published. Since cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, the information regarding it during a time frame becomes obsolete at any other time. Our team of editors and writers closely monitors all the articles we publish. If any change is needed for the articles we publish, they will make the changes after verifying the information. Browse through our website with the assurance that all the articles in it are based on up-to-date information. 
  6. Copyrights: eBiz MBA has strict rules regarding copyright violations. We respect the intellectual property rights and the copyrights of other entities and organizations. We aim not to use any copyrighted materials on our website or use them for any promotions. We have no association with any entities mentioned in the articles/reviews published. If we use any of the copyrighted content in the articles we publish, we will give the proper credit to the owners. More information about copyrights and intellectual property rights can be found in the Terms of Use. 

Are the Articles Genuine?

Yes, our team of writers, analysts, and editors are impartial and write articles/reviews based on our data-driven research methodology. The writers, members of the editorial team, crypto analysts, journalists, and graphic designers are in no way associated with any third parties or organizations. We base our articles on information that is available on the general internet, from personal experiences, and experiences of other traders/users. All the reviews and articles on this website are based on data and individual judgment and have no undisclosed profit from any cryptocurrencies, exchanges, and NFT marketplaces we mention.