What Is CryptoPunks NFT? Explained!

What Is CryptoPunks NFT

CryptoPunks NFT collection consists of images of 24×24 pixel and 8-bit style avatars. Previously, NFTs from this collection have been sold for millions of dollars. Currently, there are 10,000 such NFTs in circulation, and they are viewed as a form of asset tokenization. Recently, this NFT collection has been trending and is making headlines in … Read more

Why Blockchain Payments Are Misunderstood? The Truth!

Why Blockchain Payments Are Misunderstood

Blockchain payments are one of the most advanced features of the blockchain technology. It has the potential to make the lives of users easier yet blockchain payments are misunderstood at times.  Here in this article, we will see ‘why blockchain payments are misunderstood?’ and the reasons for why it is misunderstood.  Why Blockchain Payments Are … Read more

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